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5 months ago
Quite a surprise. I played the pro version at a local bar-Cade and was very underwhelmed. In all fairness I had just put up a 1/2 hour score on a new GNR LE and the AIQ seemed so bare and had a comic book vibe. I also had no idea what the game was about. Even on the pro, I did like the flow, shots, and the third flipper.

Without ever playing the premium I ordered one. The reviews were overall excellent and I wanted a new title. My son had cancelled his order for one to get a GNR instead.

A Pinside buddy and I had a small unboxing event, set up the game, and went to town. I noticed that the spinning disc would often get stuck about 5 mm off of the play field and would randomly go back to its proper location. My son noticed that the Black Panther shot often would not register. That opto-switch was also a little loose. So... after several weeks I had to work out some kinks and make some adjustments. The biggest challenge was fixing the disc- the slotted plastic bushings were not true (very subtle) and another Pinside buddy figured this out and helped me adjust it. Additionally, the Capt. Marvel shot is a real ‘challenge’, more reliable with the great CM mod (Diddy’s mods).

Today, I play this game almost every day. Bowen and RayDay have excellent Youtube tutorials-there is so much going on and so many strategies. I like to set up my portal locks (4 combos or super secret soft plunge skill shot or hitting the bingo targets at the right time), getting iron man and Thor ready for multi ball help to get a gem. Yes, the out lanes are brutal for us normal players.

The theme works surprisingly well. At first I was annoyed with the still life minimalistic cartoons, but I actually key in the sounds and music when playing no here the game shines. A shaker and external subwoofer really enhance the experience. I did buy the topper- is nice and flashy, but not sure of its value.

Strong points- code and flow. Very fun to shoot with very satisfying shots (iron man tower, Capt Marvel ramp, skill shots)

Not so strong- animations

Recommend? Absolutely

7 months ago
This is definitely a wonderful game and the #1 rating is certainly debatable, but probably deserved (what other game should be #1?). I look at these ratings to help me decide what game to purchase or spend time playing. I have fortunately spent a lot of time playing MM- two of my pinball club buddies have 'em and I also was reintroduced to pinball playing a virtual version several years ago.

Does MM deserve the #1 rating for so long? Who knows and who really cares (many do!) and I am certainly not going to troll this excellent game. Callouts, music, flow, and play are truly exceptional.

However, I have noticed that when a group of us get together to play in our home caves (smallest collection is 10 games), MM is usually pretty lonely. Is it because we have spent so much time playing this? Are we more interested in the newer games with deeper codes and LCD screens? Are we tired of castle bashing?

If you are lucky enough to find a decent MM (remake or otherwise), you will be looking at $8K+ and I would argue that most would find more value and fun with a NIB modern game, as stated by many others on this site. So I took off a point for lastability, fun, game rules, playfield, and gimmicks.

MM is one of the best for sure, but I think most would be happy buying something different unless they have an endless budget.

7 months ago
I saw this game at a pinball show (Pincinnati!) last year and felt it was similar to my BM66. I liked the shots and flow but was not too excited about the theme. I also could not get a fully immersed experience with everyone in line behind me and all of the other machines cranking out their music and callouts. I played a beautiful Monster Bash remake and was determined to buy that.

So... almost a year later I revisited Elvira and decided to buy one, because it was a highly rated game that no one else in my pinball group owned. I figured I could resell it at no loss. Monster Bash would have to wait (not a very deep code, but still a great beautiful machine!).

After three months (full payment up front. Yikes.), I finally picked up the game, had a small box opening party with a Pinside buddy and we played out a couple of games.

This game is... amazing. I own 16 games and have played almost all of the top 200. This is the top rated of all.

Artwork: Fabulous- very well integrated into the game. I did take one point off of the back glass only because I did not want to give this (or any other) game a perfect 10, and my wife says the only reason I bought the game was because of the prominent cleavage.

Sounds and music: EXCELLENT. A lot of 60s music that is not well known, but very effective and extremely well integrated.

Rules: Outstanding- so much to do and strategize. Just the right amount of MB's, mini-wizard modes, dead head opportunities (EB), and a really cool wizard mode (1.01 code).

Shots- very smooth, except when you miss... The house is quite a mech- actually quite complicated and well executed. Left ramp is wide, but not the right! Orbits and other shots are very Sternish (is that a word?)- challenging, but reasonable.

Theme- I am 61 and certainly remember a lot of these terrible (in a good way) shows as well as Elvira. The Stern crew definitely did their homework and the callouts as well as the movie clips are fabulous. If you tire of any of the clips (lots of them), just hit your flippers. I have discovered that if I relax and listen to the clips I actually play better, but normally impatience gets the better of me.

Fun- When I play my games, I usually turn on half of them, and always save this one for last. My pinball buddies (and wife!) always want to play this game (no big parties because of COVID).

Yes, I tend to rate games high, but I only rate games that I like- don't need to troll as there is enough of that around.

I would tell you to go find a great deal on one of these, but that is not possible. So, find a friend who has one, be really nice, and enjoy a fabulous pin!
7 months ago
“So much better than the movie!”. Ok, not talking about the book (Is there one?), but the pinball game. My game (owned for over a year) has always played well, not plagued by well known claw mechanism issues or skill shot problems. The right ramp claw shot is always a challenge and the flow is great. Call outs by actual actors and the music is well (90’s!) themed.

This is my go to game when I only have a 1/2 hour or less. The code is not deep, but understandable and achievable. Two basic strategies are the 4 different multi ball levels and/or the modes completion with Demolition Time wizard mode (my favorite and tends to get you the best score).

The triggers are actually very cool and you can get secret jackpots with them if you know what you are doing. Flow is fabulous.

Yeah, my son and I decided to watch the movie- very campy, cheesy, predictable, etc, etc. At least we learned what SAPD meant as well as the sea shells...

This is a wide body game, so it is heavy to move around. Outside the theme, this is easily a top 50 game. Fortunately, it is not, and you can get bargains on them...for now. Go grab one and enjoy it.
7 months ago
I have now owned NF for 13 months. I never really intended to buy one, but a totally reshopped beautiful one popped up at a good price and I pulled the trigger.

Honestly, this game sat in a corner for several months with very little play. The theme, and worse, the music, left me very uninspired. I did not really understand the game- just kept trying to hit the upper jump loop. On my game this is a hard, but very rewarding shot (as it should be). I have played other games where this is too easy.

I have several pinball buddies that love my table, not because it was so fun, but because of its NIB appearance.

Finally, 5 months ago I decided to learn the rules, watch videos, and spend a fair amount of time playing and strategizing. I had to replace the upper flipper shaft (still a hard shot) and my son was over and we played it for several hours. At first the brutal speed and kickbacks to the drain lanes was overwhelming. Then, like most games, we became accustomed to the flow and started making our shots and achieving some wizard modes.

Pinball buddies have been converted as well. This is a typical 90s game- straight forward, but difficult, with achievable goals, and a cool gimmick shot. No pop bumpers- all ramps all day! There are some varied strategies (e.g. hitting left orbit multiple times to light extra ball).

Now I really enjoy the game, play it quit often, and plan to keep it. Music is still annoying, but I have learned to block that. Talking skull is actually a nice contrast. For the money, this is a fabulous game and should be top 100. Be glad that it is not and pick one up.
11 months ago
This is a great home machine. The shots are very tight and flow is somewhat slow. However, when you get your shots and flow going you are handsomely rewarded. The table and art are fabulous and this is quite a different game from all others. I would not recommend this as your only machine, but it fits well into a larger collection.

Update: I find myself playing this game more and more. There is a new code (Jan 2021), the code is deep, shots are very challenging, but you still can keep the ball in play. Another pinball buddy and I almost always play this game when we get together weekly. The artwork truly is exceptional, and the hardware is pretty solid (I did have to replace the entire power supply after my son hit a "smoking" wizard mode- real smoke, ugh!). Lastability is a surprising 6/6. The flow and mechanics of this game are quite different from Stern and I think that is why many dislike this game. I have several Sterns and really enjoy them as well as this title. Houdini is different in many ways which is what makes it a keeper.
11 months ago
I had a chance to buy this game that was just totally refurbished and could not turn it down. Surprisingly, I have really enjoyed this. Certainly not a modern game by any means, but a lot of fun. Pinball friends of mine always play this game when they come over. Certainly a lot of game for the money. Multiball is a challenge, particularly the super jackpot. Alternative back glass choices are fun.
11 months ago
At the age of 61, I am a classic rock fan . Sure I know about Guns N Roses, but they are not a top band for me. I had heard about this game coming out and of course being a pinhead I had to check it out and frankly I was blown away. The amount of work and detail is above all other pinball machines I have seen or played. I was fortunate enough to have put a couple of hours into a game at a local arcade. As a musician, I am extremely impressed with the Fender and Gibson headstocks as well as a full concert immersion. I really enjoy watching other people play and listening to the songs and watching the videos. Having an unprecedented essentially unlimited license allows so much more on this machine compared to so many other machines. My second game on this machine was 8 million and as a new pinballer ( in this hobby for 18 months), I was worried that the game was too easy. If course reality arrived and all subsequent games were much lower.

The game play, art work, sounds, etc. have all been discussed by so many others- all top notch. This is such a no brainier. I have ordered an LE, and my son pulled his order on another machine to order this one as well. We have close to 20 pins between us and have never had a duplicate until now.

No game is perfect. I did not rate this 10/10 because of that. This is the best one I have played (I have played almost all of the top 100). Order one now while you still can.
1 year ago
Finally was able to play this game at a local arcade standard edition. Spent about 2 hours total with another pinball buddy. My first impression was another Spooky pinball machine that that I was not going to like. However, I was very wrong. Immediately I noticed the booming bass and the really cool music. Spooky did a fabulous job with the Rick and Morty theme. Play was a lot of fun particularly trying to nail down that dang garage skill-shot. We played multiple other games that evening, including the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but we kept coming back to Rick and Morty. Looks like the rule set is deep (see other comments). We own and play a lot of pinball tables and this is definitely a top machine. By the way, Turtles is also top notch!
1 year ago
I first played GOTG several months ago, not knowing the rules, and with little pinball skills (which still persist today). I really enjoyed getting Multiball by hitting Groot and the music/theme were fabulous. I was frustrated by all of my out lane drains and poor scores, so I left overall dissatisfied. However, my wife loves the theme and has always wanted this game and I relented. Very smart wife!!

This game is fabulous. I bought a NOB pro from a local pinsider, squeezed it into a hall closet area, and have really enjoyed uncovering all of the great code (yes, this one has the Cleland mod, so I have never played one without) and shots. My wife loves this game as she loves to shoot up the middle and get Multiball. I enjoy scoring, which is all in the modes/multipliers, and making the (tight, difficult, and very rewarding) shots. It is great to watch the LCD screen and movie clips when someone else is playing and Cleland did a fantastic job with the voices. This game is challenging, yet rewarding, and always brings me back for one more (until dinner time...)

I have six other machines: BM66, T2, WhoDunnit, Getaway HS2, DemoMan, Baywatch (quite an eclectic collection) which I thoroughly enjoy, but I am consistently drawn to GOTG over all of these (OK, BM66 is right up there). Wife and adult kids love this machine.

Flow is excellent, (Cleland) code is outstanding, artwork is superb (I took a couple of points off only because I did not want to rate any game a 10), sound and music are top notch.

My only complaint: every time I want to play, someone else is using it. This game is a top 5 for me. I have played all of the Pinsider top 50 games and I have had the chance to purchase many of the standard top games- so glad I chose this one.

Update - whohoo! Now I have more tables and this is still one that is staying. Easy to understand- now I am working on maxing out multiplers- quite a difference and challenging! I knocked off a couple of points as this rates just a little lower than EHOH which I think is the best out now.
1 year ago
The good- Fun, easy to understand, go to game when I just want shoot the ball. Third flipper (yes I am a fan), Layout, turbocharger, simple but challenging multiball. MUSIC and sound- pinsound is a must for this-original ZZ Top songs and upgrade speakers. Otherwise sound and music are meh. After playing 50+ games in my early pinball career my son and I saw this game tucked in an arcade corner (by the bathroom no less- so nobody was playing it) and gave it a try. We instantly liked the game and it is the second machine in my collection. Solid high quality game that survives routing and keeps on ticking with very few issues.

That bad- cabinet art- really none to speak of (who cares? I don’t, but it is very generic). Lot of these games around- not much collector value. By today’s standards, shallow code. My wife is not a big fan- she likes the bright new games- like GOTG and BM66.

Overall- highly recommend. Get it, play it, keep it (most likely) or get all of your money back (or more) when you sell/trade.
2 years ago
I am a big fan of the movie and this pin is fabulous to watch and play. Original movie clips are great (need more) and the layout is great. Top play fields and multiple flippers are great. This is definitely a family friendly pin unless you don’t like flying monkeys (especially if they drop your ball).

Con- price. Also, quite a different theme from most pinball machines (pro or con). Some of the shots seemed too repetitive- a lot of up the middle.

Overall- Fabulous gorgeous game.
2 years ago
Fabulous table- one of the most fun especially with the extra flippers. I am not a big Iron Maiden fan, but my son is (surprised me!). So, not the most family friendly, but fun for all levels. I am always going back to this one at the arcade or friend’s collection.

With pin stadium lighting and mods this table is quite an artistic show.
2 years ago
Pros: Fabulous artwork, great layout and challenging. Typical high end JJP table- beautiful to watch. Deep rule set and numerous characters.

Cons: Wide body (feels big, because it is!). Friend who owns one complains of some reliability issues.
Price. All off these tables are now collector level because of high demand- not in production.

Update: I question lastability. My friend is selling his and we put a couple of more games on it. It really does not draw me back for another game. Art, animations, and theme are fabulous. GNR is another story- can't stay away from that one.
2 years ago
Everyone should play this game. The layout is a little different with the central spinning lamp which generates a lot of points. Beginning players can usually pick up the rule set quickly and get a decent score (one that will make you want to play again!).

This is a 90s game- so no LCD screen and limited animations, but most of us don’t spend much time looking at the back glass while playing.

This is a popular table for complete and amazing restorations.
2 years ago
Classic game for a good reason. The remake is spot on with great improvements. This pin is family friendly and all levels can really enjoy the characters and rule set. Artwork is fabulous, and the topper is one of the best.

Update: After 100s of more games under my belt on many more games, I have to update my rating. Above comments are still spot on, but I took away points for lastability, game rules, and game play.
One of the most beautiful games, but gets a little repetitive. Hard to compete with the newer games coming out (Elvira HOH, AIQ, JP). I always enjoy playing on site, but usually migrate to other ones for most of my playing time. If you are a collector- must have.
2 years ago
Pros: Challenging at all levels. A great pin to learn/practice shot making and ball control. I often just practice the cat woman ramps/combos- lots of fun (not high scoring).
Deep rule set with continuous updates- last update just a week ago. Minor villains and clips added as well as tweaked.
Fabulous artwork and call outs by Adam West and Burt Ward. Great original clips and great animations.
Music: Initially I was tiring of the constant nananananana Batman, but then I reached different modes and levels- music is actually fabulous, period and show correct, and quite varied.
I can easily play this pin for 2- 3 hours and not get bored. Maybe if my shot making gets better that might change! Some people claim that this game is clunky. I know what they mean- if your shots are just a little off this game is unforgiving- multiple bricks in a row. But when your shots are on- fabulous!

Cons: After two weeks, the turntable device would not turn and would bind. After multiple phone texts to the seller and a pinball friend we figured out two screws had fallen out from the lane diverter apparatus. This happened to at least one other pinsider. Fortunately, that is fixed and the game is spot on.
Lighting- very dim. However looks amazing with pin stadium lighting, but that is an extra cost.
Price- No basic pro version.

Overall: Fabulous family friendly game that is challenging and fun. My son and I have played all of the standards (MM, MB, AFM, TOTAN, etc) and many new games including the JJP tables. I have absolutely no regrets making this my first NIB purchase, and my son (excellent player) loves this game. Disclosure: I watched the series when I was a kid so the theme was definitely important- Stern nailed this one.

Update one year later. I now own 10 tables and have access to over 100 private tables. This is the one I still play every week. Pinball friends all want to play this as well. I thought I would get tired of the theme and game, but there are several games in one- and very challenging. Currently I am working minor villains as well as maxing points for the major villains. Machine has held up very well to my many verbal abuses.