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54 days ago
Own the LE. 150 plays.

Yeah, still in the honeymoon phase.

So much flow and fun! Truly a different game- does not need any ground breaking toys. Having to hit two shot combos over and over in multiple different configurations (as well with changing ball paths based on character selection!) is really something especially with the fast locks. Some folks learn this quickly- others struggle.

Current code- really mature and very cool. So much to do and strategize.

Artwork- damn, that purple powder coat with Z yeti art is fabulous. Mirrored art blades are top notch as are the side cabinet blades

Are shots easy? I guess if you are a top tournament player. For the rest of us- pretty near perfect- not really gimmes.

Saved progress through XP- fabulous- only way for me to battle Grendel and Knull which are both some of the best challenging (but not impossible) wizard modes ever.

Sound: music, call outs, and light synch are the usual top notch Stern product. However- Stern still uses the ok Kenwood 5.25” upgrade speakers with no separate amp and no speaker lights. For a substantially lesser price these items come on most (?all) Spooky CE games.

This game is extremely addictive. Might be best for you to stay away.


Update: Still really enjoying this game. My Foo Fighters premium is getting lonely (excellent novel shots but the novelty has worn thin and the theme is ok). Venom still gives the flow rush and fast action- really makes me work on combos which I can actually make. The theme and callouts are really growing on me, unlike several of my other games.

Saved progress is definitely the future-like it or not-will definitely get more people to play. Yes it will cost more for players because they will play more. Operators might start making more $ on their pinball machines than their arcades and claw machines.
78 days ago
Played 120 games- Had a hard time knocking off points- game theme, artwork, and coding are great. Unique modes that I have not seen in other games.

Gameplay- very good- fan layout with an interesting upper playfield.

Sound- speakers have hums and static that can be adjusted, but are still present. Turning up the volume definitely helps but can be a little distracting. Flippers have a high pitch hum when cradling a ball. These problems seem to be ubiquitous, but tolerable.

The bad- flipper bushings have way too much slop- will probably replace with precision flipper products. Once every 1/2 hour or so the game will unexpectedly die, showing me the service menu, requiring a restart. Flipper whine (see above).

Easy? Don’t think so- yeah you can spend a lot of time up top but won’t score the big points. Getting shots dialed in is so rewarding. I’m still trying to break 10 million.

Overall- can’t stay away from this- should be a 10 based on this alone, but that is not how ratings work…

Overall- a lot of fun
4 months ago
Own this one. I am very fortunate to have a sizable home collection including Stern spike 2’s (yeah I am a Stern fanboy), AP, Spooky’s, JJP, and others. So I am rating UM compared to all others.

My initial impression- unique subway system unexpectedly dropping balls to my flippers drove me nuts, until I practiced…Now no problem and actually very cool. Frustrating center ramp shot is now dialed in-appropriate risk/reward- if you half ramp it watch out!

Theme- campy as hell. Almost ridiculous. But I grew up on Ultraman and theme integration is excellent.

Artwork is awesome.

Play? Unique and very fun especially the top playfield crossover shot, one of the best shots in pinball. Game is a favorite in our league. New code keeps coming out and it is great. This is a low production game, but Spooky has not abandoned it.

Cons? Glitchy code- sometimes have to reboot- more often/ than my Stern machines. I had to replace the CPU (GREAT service from Spooky- I was trying to get a hold of them through email and a phone call and within 3 minutes I received a call from Wisconsin- AJ was on the line! He walked me through the new cpu install-that is service).

The latest code, 1.12, just dropped and a lot of the software glitches are gone- still not perfect, but so much better. Strategies and side modes are quite varied along with unique shots. Several MB modes- ones involving the upper playfields are really fun.

This is a polarizing game- IMHO if you actually put in some time (50 plays or so), this one will grow on you quickly. Currently in the top 5 of go to games in my collection.

Go out and find one and put in a bunch of plays. You will have a fun unique adventure. And new code keeps dropping!
4 months ago
Own it- only “Bally” game that I have as I enjoy the modern more deep games.

Pros- all shots are pretty attainable for players of all skills- epitome of a classic fan layout. Subsequently combos/flow are good… and fun. You can trap up to get higher score or go to town keeping the ball moving without too much penalty. CGC quality- I’ve had no issues except flipper fade (in all fairness a problem in most of my games). Sound and art are good. Topper is great.

Cons- shallow code. Feels a little too easy sometimes. Art is good….for the nineties. Lastability is underwhelming.

Recommend? Yes! Great for those just getting into pinball and for larger collections. Excellent mechanical quality.
5 months ago
Hate to rate games that I don’t own, but..

I have played a lot of AFM.

Classic game and layout.

Easy to understand and get suckered going up the middle all day bashing the saucer.

Great art and lights, but limited as this is a 90s game.

If I didn’t own ST or CCr, this would be in my home.
6 months ago
Wow- first person to rate this!

This game reminds me of TNA and Bond 60. A modern retro single level game with simple rule sets- easy to understand, but difficult to master. Yeah you need to have a P3 machine. The module itself is rather lightweight compared to others (especially Weird Al). The code does not use the upper flippers.

This is a low volume game with basically one designer (Nick Baldridge) who hit a home run. He had spouse take care of the art (outstanding) and others take care of the music/audio.

The mechs are simple- two ball ejects, a pop bumper, lots of stand ups, and a gobble hole. You need to hit as many targets as possible before shooting the gobble hole which ends your turn, but can reward you with big points if you have hit the right targets. Music, animation, and theme are really well executed- does not feel like a home brew at all. Light shows are great.

I ordered my game and three days later it arrived. Great packaging and a beautiful professional looking module which worked flawlessly right out of the box.

This game is very addictive. If you are looking for a modern game with an E.M. feel- this is it. The gobble hole is easy to hit when you don’t want to, and so difficult when you are ready to slay the vampire. This layout will really test your shooting skills. Find one if you can, be nice to the owner, and you can play one of the best new games of 2023!
6 months ago
Surprised- pleasantly surprised.

P3 is a big heavy machine-beautiful, built like a … big heavy machine.

My game arrived 15 months after order- thought about using a dolly to move. No way. Set game up in my garage and used harbor freight lift to move. Game booted up first time with no issues.

I have 3 modules- Weird Al module is the most complex and heavy. Moving modules takes a fare bit of strength- much easier with two people.

Weird Al-
Great music and theme integration. Actual Weird Al call outs are great.
Artwork- good! Of course the playfield “art” is constantly changing.
Animations- pretty simple but effective. Some Weird Al movie clips would have been very cool.
Gameplay- really shines- shots are makeable and fun. I am still working on my upper flipper skills- really enjoying that challenge.
Currently playing more Weird Al than Foo Fighters!
8 months ago
Max points for theme, lastability, and sound.

Sound, original music, and light show are fantastic.

Points off for animations/art as well as toys and gimmicks. Don’t get me wrong- this game does not need toys and gimmicks! Animations are limited but complete and appropriate for this game.

Simple rules with consistent increasing difficulty with each successive reactor. New skill needed-over riding the auto plunge-very useful in other games as well!

One pin collection? Get a GZ premium. Two or more? TNA!
9 months ago
I know I should probably wait to rate this one, but…

The good:

Fun and interesting shots. Sean Connery Bond. LE looks great. A+ license. LE lists are starting to lose members- price and games. As of this writing there are 29 Bond LE’s for sale on Pinside. I am finally on a LE list-golden handcuffs- getting to be quite expensive!

The bad: great license with very limited assets. Code….zzz…. Repetitive Bond theme. Q branch mode…jet pack MB is uninspiring and usually very short (yeah I know-get better).

Fun to play for sure, but code needs a lot of help.

Two years from now? Another BM66? I hope so, but holding my breath. I am keeping my game, but am turning my attention towards others for now.


Update- 0.88 code is quite the improvement. Really turning into a fun game.

Update- 0.92 code- another huge improvement. I now play this game almost every day- so much more to explore. The shots are the same of course, but good code is really elevating this game. The left eject used to drive me nuts. Now I really like it and often can make the shot on purpose.

Update: playing this game almost exclusively-very addictive with latest code…and more code arriving.
9 months ago
Stars and flags everywhere oh my.

Own the pro, play the LE quite a bit at friend’s house.

LE is a beautiful machine no doubt. Have always liked this machine in league play. I have reached KM many times as an above average player. Lots of rinse and repeat after that.

Great shooter with flow and a game I recommend to new pinball players.

Call outs and sound effects are top notch.

Points off for lastability.

Is this a top 10 machine? Not in my opinion, but I also have tired of MM, MB, AFM, and most 90s games.

So please Flag and Star and enjoy pinball!
1 year ago
I’ve owned the LV for almost 3 months and it seems I am still one of the few lucky ones to have one in possession.

I have many of the same thoughts which have been discussed- dark game (with my eyesight I added pinstadiums which work very well), wide body layout, from a totally new pinball manufacturer.

Gameplay- lots of fun with cool shots. Outstanding Outlane opportunities for revive/ball save. Shots, modes, Multiballls, and code all seem worked out and dialed in.

Reliability? Mixed bag. Initially I had a lot of problems- some crimped wires which I probably caused lifting the playfield to remove plastic wrap from lighted art blades. The game did well in home league, but did require a couple of reboots. It seems with the latest 3.0 software, reboots are pretty rare. And customer service is very good.

Theme integration is outstanding. It is definitely different from all of my other games which is good.
1 year ago
I have been called a Stern fanboy and it is hard to deny as I have all of the Stern Spike 2 games except for two (and that will probably change within the year as I collect them all). I am trying to explore the other manufacturers: have a JJP GNR and TS4 at home, have had a WW (borrowed from my son) as well as a Houdini (sold last month), Hot Wheels, R and M, and Alien. Later this year I plan to spend some time with Wired Al from MM-looks promising.

Hot Wheels is severely underrated-great code and shooter. Houdini is beautiful but shots are too tight-animations are ok. Alien is a great game and a league favorite, but has inconsistent hardware and software issues. My son discovered a small hardware tweak for the R and M flippers and now the flow is fabulous- can make that left ramp shot from a cradle!). My 6 year old grand daughter loves this machine (although most of the callouts are bleeped out).

So I took a chance with LOV.

I ordered the game and of course read all I could about it. It is a home brew from Riot pinball and I was certainly taking a chance. How can Riot compete with the big budgets at Stern and JJP? After reading many (mostly negative) comments I was concerned. American pinball was not hitting a lot of home runs with non licensed themes.

My game arrived in April.

Pros: Excellent build quality-outstanding value. Mirrored back glass, excellent sound system. Great artwork (initially not a fan, but it definitely grows on you like the rest of the game). The shots and flow are really good. My favorite combination of shots include straight up the middle ramp, followed by the spinner shot, followed by the ship shot. It is very repeatable and very satisfying. Unlike Houdini, the shots are actually quite makeable, but do require practice. Code and strategy are quite good. There are a couple of bugs, but overall excellent code work. This game holds up well in home league play. Some excellent mods- lighted boat ramp from Mod couple should have been an OEM piece. The 3-D Slingshot mods from Tilt Graphics (designed by “Joe”) are amazing- hand painted- look and feel like molded pieces although apparently 3-D printed. My hardcore pinball buddies are very impressed.

Cons: The animations are pretty basic at best. I found the callouts repetitive and annoying. However, after three months, I don’t mind them at all and they actually are pretty helpful for focusing on shots. Non licensed theme is ok, but does grow on you. I initially had a problem with the trough eject, but removed a rubber piece within the trough and it now works wonderfully well. The game like all other games does require some tweaking. One of the bugs I discovered is when I have two stacked multiballs with all six balls in play and let them all drain to get them to auto eject, the game locks up. I have not tried to repeat this.

I am retired and play a lot of pinball (and banjo, but that is for another forum…). I play in pinball leagues and have played almost all of the top 300 games. I guess to be a true expert, I should have a podcast/play IFPA tourneys and be a distributor which I do neither. So take my comments with a grain of garlic.

Recently I have been reading about various strategies for this game and that’s part of what makes it so great. I also really enjoy the shots. It does help that so far I am undefeated in league in this game! Of course, that will not last. American Pinball needs to connect their games to the Internet either via Scorbit or some other type of system. Some more code tweaks and more extensive animations would make this a top ten for me, but it is not quite there.

By the way- the music is epic- Two Steps from Hell really kicks it- the end of game theme music is excellent heavy rock (I am a 63 year old granddad rocker).

Overall this is a great game, but you need to spend some time with it. I do have a soft spot for the non-Stern pinball manufacturers, but Stern is really killing it with few exceptions. Godzilla, Elvira HOH, JP, etc. are outstanding. Is LOV at this level? Not yet, but could definitely get closer. I look forward to hopefully more LOV code…

1 year ago
Normally I wait a couple of weeks to rate a game that I own and play at least a 100 games. Well I am damn near that after 3 days.

This game so fun. My GZLE is getting pissed.

I am a Rush fan-not super but I've seen them in concert back in the 70s (Kiss backup band!) as well as more recently in their Clockwork Angels tour. Their music and deadpan humor are not for all, but after several hours on this machine you will be laughing and singing. RayDay, the kid boy wonder (you will always be a kid to me Ray- sorry!), was on a stream singing along with the tunes as he coached play-Ray knew little of the band before the project. The music and sound production is TOP.

Where does this game shine the most? IMO- code (Raymond Davidson and Tim Sexton) and layout. The code is so awesome - a buddy of mine and I spent three hours with just the Stern rule sheet going over the game. That night my buddy stayed up until 2 a.m. watching the video streams. Yeah the code is that great and is not even finished.

For a Borg game- tough but manageable - great for average and expert players. The shots are so fun. Risk/reward is built into the shots as well as the code. If you find this game easy- you are either a monster player or have stuffed the outlanes with paper towels. So many shots and devious drop downs as well as stand-ups. Ramp through pop bumpers and somewhat tight right lane and orbit. Borg upper flipper with 3 and often 4 shots possible. When you are shooting well- so fun! When not...well that's pinball

Artwork? The premium looks much better in person - the playfield has the cartoon bobble heads. I am not a big fan of that, but I only notice it when I start out the game. Apparently Rush has had lots of artwork renderings of the band and this is what the band wanted. No real complaints, because a lot of work and thought went into to the art.

Complaints? I'm fortunate that my game is playing great out of the box. My scoop is hanging in there - will probably have to replace sooner than later. The double scoop is so great - lots of strategy with the side scoop. The blue tip rubber pieces on the ramp take a real beating - mine are ok so far. Sometimes the dead end VUK shot will reject but not that often.

Stern is on a roll- this one of the best music pins out there. Not as pretty as JJP GNR or as iconic as AC/DC (I have both), but the play and code make Rush pinball a top ten.
1 year ago
Pinball buddy and I switch games for about 6 months at a time and I am currently working on his Jurassic Park premium pin at home.

This game shares a lot in common with the original Data East Jurassic Park game which is not bad. Keith Elwin of course took it to the next level.

The game code and mechs are top notch. The moving tyrannosaurus rex head as well as raptor pin are awesome. The tyrannosaurus rex head itself is lacking, but some folks have already made some great mods for that. Artwork is okay. The animations are actually not bad, but the pinball community has some very clever members that have painstakingly uploaded original clips which really make a difference.

Gameplay is full of relatively easy shots as well as some very challenging shots such as the far left scoop for the letter c as well as the infamous o shot to the right. Right upper flipper shots are very satisfying when made.

The code is great. It can get really deep if you are a good player, and if you are not, at least you will probably get a multi-ball.

My wife, kids, and grandkids always gravitate to this machine because they think it is pretty, fun to play, and they recognize the theme.

So I have ordered my own Jurassic Park premium, but probably will not see it till the end of the year or next year.


Update: Just received my JP premium- was thinking of actually cancelling my order-game is tough. Well I did not and got back into the jungle. I had a Sunday to myself and played this damn thing for 5 hours. I learned a lot of the code and developed some strategies and started to dial in some shots, and then other easier ones started to fail-UGH.

At the 3 hour point my hands were swelling and my 60+year back was stiffening. Screw this!... Ok, one more game...and then another...and another...

I finally put some good shots together and made the visitor center- was worth enough points to get me the GC. Awesome!!! Then I promptly missed the two right shots, drained and had the lowest visitor center score in pinball history.

So... this game is ADDICTIVE. If you have other hobbies, a family life, or a Godzilla pinball, stay away from Jurassic Park.

1 year ago
Unlike the band, not the number one pin of all time. But that expectation would be too high anyway.

As everybody mentions, this is a re-theme of Stern's 1980 Seawitch game. I have never played an original Seawitch, but I did want an old school game but without the old game problems. This one definitely fits the bill and the music is fabulous.

The rules are very simple and a challenge to accomplish. Rules are not deep but the playfield includes everything but ramps, scoops, cool mechs, return ramps, action button, vuks, captive balls, but there's a spinning magnetic record!

Repeating upper loop shop is fun and there are stand-ups everywhere! Four flippers, one for each Beatle!

Given the early 1964 Beatles theme, this table really hits it well. The animations and movie clips are decent and the songs are of course very catchy. Some very clever pinball folks have also worked on some code for other albums.

I agree with just about everything else that other people have said particularly about not having this as your only pin. It definitely fits well in a larger collection. It is also fairly pricey for what you get. Mine is not bolted to the floor, but not going anywhere soon

Update: Surprise- Really enjoying this one as do my friends. Rules are simple- hard to master. Still great hitting those loops! This game has grown on me-keeping it for now.
1 year ago
I passed on an early opportunity to buy this game (which was stupidity on my part) and 8 months later it arrived. I had to pay $200 extra for the insider hardware which still does not work secondary to licensing issues. So, my initial experience was not ideal.

Now I have over 200 games on this title and cannot stop playing. I asked my wife what she thought about Mandalorian. She said that she hasn’t had a chance to play it because every time she comes down to the pinball room, someone is playing it!

Pros- Killer theme integration. Carl Weathers has many call outs, Stern obtained many show clip assets- video and audio, not requiring animation fill-ins.
Great shots and flow- backhand shots are reliable and safe, but you get rewarded for hurry up forehand shots (right scoop!)
Code- very mature with excellent wizard modes. Each multiball is unique and you can score some great super jackpots (if you know the code and make some tough shots)
Upper playfield- the tilting playfield is very challenging and fun- have to be patient and figure out how to shoot (just like the rest of the pin!). This is definitely a game within a game.
Lastability- buddy of mine is an avid league player and has played this game at least twice a week on site for the past 8 months. When at my house (20 pins-almost all newer titles) he cannot stay away from Mando, even with GZ just next to it! I find myself playing Mando almost an hour a day- yeah, I am semi retired so I do have the time.
Grogu mod- The animated mod is fabulous and one of the best out there. You can make your own or buy one and both are very cool. Of course, someone could argue that Stern should have done this in the first place. What would’ve really been cool is if Grogu could actually catch a pinball. That was a missed opportunity.
Beskar rewards- some really excellent code and really thoughtful rewards with risk/reward choices. It takes some study and patience to figure out how to optimize this which makes a great pinball machine.

Cons- For a casual player- can be tough after you get the first MB, which is easy with shots up the middle. After that, the game gets challenging and gets very interesting. You have to be patient with this game and learn how to shoot the tough shots- backhands!

Grogu- see above- missed opportunity IMO. I know that the designers at Stern worked very hard on all mechanisms and probably had to compromise for this. That is very understandable.

Status reports- hard to see and not the most informative. I am still trying to figure out how to look at my status for how many more shots I need for razor crest multi ball. That may be my problem.

Beskar rewards- not very intuitive to figure out how to use the rewards such as getting encounter and mode completion rewards.

Some modes you might want to skip- e.g. ambush- dark lighting which can cause ball drain.

Child reward- Cool magnet effects, but the reward is not that great, the lights turn off and ball drain is a real hazard.

Bottom line- Fun! Casual players can easily get to the first MB and seasoned players have a LOT to explore. Easily a top 10 (today a #1 for me).
1 year ago
I just bought this game from a friend because the price was fair and the market today is so crazy. He had owned the game since brand new in box, one of the first 500 machines. He had enjoyed it, but his family wanted another theme, which will cost twice as much.

So I took a chance and I bought this machine having only a few plays beforehand. This would give me a chance to play another title besides all of my Stern games which I really enjoy. I am a baby boomer with lots of kids and grandkids and the Hot Wheels theme is definitely familiar.

I consider myself an above average shooter and have played almost all of the top 300 games. So after several weeks of ownership and multiple games, I feel I can make a good assessment.

This game is definitely underrated and absolutely the best deal around. My game came with a Shaker motor, art blades, relatively polished code, and a very fun playfield layout. Artwork is great and the theme is well executed.

Initially the shots seem too tough and difficult to get the feel and flow. However, once dialed in, the fun begins and the rules exploration is fabulous. All the shots can be made rather consistently after practice and the flow is spot on. The animations are definitely different, but cool and well executed.

Art work? Great! It's the Hot Wheels theme through and through. Ok, not the detail of some other pins, but next to my line up of newer Sterns, fits right in

Sounds- stock speakers are good and the stereo sound effects are great, unless you hate garage and car noise.

Game play? Fabulous! My game sits next to a GZLE and I am playing both almost exclusively.

HW is not the #1 game, but it certainly is a top 30 title, and more interesting/fun than almost any 90s game. People crap on the theme and whatever else, but go try one out for yourself.

Like all great deals, this will not last long.

1 year ago
The prices for LZ games are amazingly “affordable” in today’s market. Dream theme for a baby boomer like me…wow a new Stern that is actually available for purchase…this must be a sleeper.

So I read numerous non glowing reviews, watched the videos, talked about the game with my pinball buddies (who actually played it), and finally played it myself at Pincinnati. No big lines, so I was able to play quite a bit.

Update- I did get to spend more time on this game and it was very pleasantly surprised. After learning the really good rules and putting 20–25 games under my belt, I feel that I unnecessarily rated this title too low. The game is a lot of fun and the shots are very cool. So lastability, rules, and shots get a bump up in my ratings. Animations and artwork are actually decent, but one can tell there was very limited access to Led Zeppelin assets.

I really really tried to like it… I’m a baby boomer LZ fan..what could go wrong?

Pros- a modern Stern that has decent code and shots.
Lighting on the premium was good (no comparison to GNR)
Rules are pretty easy to understand for a first time experience.
Led Zeppelin songs!
Great professional designer and code crew

Cons- art work- the art itself is fabulous, but poor choice for LZ pinball. The LE looks like a circus, not a tribute to one of the most iconic rock groups. Premium is OK, the pro-only works for LZ die hards.
Song implementation- just background music- not tied into the game
Animations- mainly fuzzy psychedelic footage- not interesting at all for those of us not on acid.
Flow- not much
Gimmicks- not much- center spinner underwhelming.
Very open play field.

This game is not horrible, but is a rare miss for a modern Stern with such a great theme. Yeah, I know you are supposed to get that retro 70’s vibe with the artwork, call outs, and animations. This revives my memories of shag carpet, lava lamps, Chevy vans, corduroy bell bottoms, station wagons, and many other brilliant ideas and fashions of the time which I blissfully experienced.

Update- now own this game. 70s vibe is still weird but growing on me- nothing else like it in my collection. Getting into the excellent code… very cool combos…fun shots! Expression lights with ninja camp speaker lights…awesome. This game is a sleeper and will be the next Munsters/ST. Get an affordable one now while you can.
2 years ago
Damn-what a fun game.

I have a GZ premium on order and had to trade that plus one of my favorite KME games to get this, plus a couple of my kids…really took a chance on this. In today’s market availability/opportunity is key…will miss the kids.

I can’t get enough of this game- the shots and flow are the best. My wife and adult kids (very occasional players) love it-“it is so colorful and has the neatest shots!”. At my last pinball house tourney of seasoned players, I could hardly get anyone to play any of my other 20 pins.

Pros- multiple cool very satisfying shots (when you make them) with incredible flow. Early code (ok not the first which was very glitchy) is really good and the theme is surprisingly great-campy and includes multiple original film clips.
Artwork- GZLE metallic paint look, mirrored back glass- fabulous.
Call outs- the monotone narrator (tribute to Aaron Burr in the originals), campy movie clips (tilt warning is hilarious), and choice of English or Japanese- brilliant.
Modes- 4 main monster foes- plus tier 2 team ups- fabulous.
Scoring- current code-emphasis on completing modes
MB- multiple opportunities-not stackable with each other but stackable with modes.
Pop bumper next to the right scoop- evil but challenging. The single pop is also a key shot in itself.
Theme integration- fabulous! Almost as good as R and M. The GZ theme is campy mid century goofiness and executed beautifully.
Status update- each screen at the beginning of play gives you a snapshot of the city (looks a lot like Dialed In) and what you have accomplished.
So many cool shots and deep code (even at this early stage).
Monster allies- bonus multiplier, add a ball, and left lane ball save- load these up with “easy” (dangerous) scoop shots.
Destruction jackpot- widest lane ever- difficult to nail consistently. Frustratingly cool…

Sound- supposedly upgraded speakers- still need to add at least a subwoofer.
Code- after defeating one of the monsters- still unclear what to do next- you can change cities or stay in the current city- but getting to the next mode is unclear (yeah I know that is my problem, but I’m trying hard to have a list of cons…)
Price and availability- too bad this came out during this time of supply issues and huge demand.
Premium of course is the $ way to go- good luck getting one. Add a shaker, invisiglass, good sound and you essentially have the LE.
Destruction jackpot- see above.
My other machines are lonely.

I took a couple of points off- lighting- much better than other recent games, but I will probably add some pinstadiums. Sound- Nothing like my GNR with pinwoofer or stock R and M (come on Stern-get your sound game up, especially for the LE).

Go out and find one to play- you will have a lot of fun and will enjoy many clips of grown men in cheesy rubber monster suits fighting each other and other incredible special effects foes (Mothra!).


Update - last ability is definitely a huge plus. My LE is really dialed in. Still waiting for my Premium (will go to fellow pinball buddy who traded me the LE).

The game is SO GOOD. Yes - definitely deserves #1 rating.

Update 1 year later- my buddy got his premium from me. Six core Dayton pinball owners in our home league all have one (premium) as well as my son. Game is still awesome. Not much else to say.
2 years ago
R and M was not on my radar. I missed any chance to buy this NIB and markup on any ones available were crazy. A good pinball buddy went to a s**t ton of trouble to get one of the last ones- ordered with everything including the butter cabinet. Well I helped him unbox his masterpiece and I was blown away with the packing (yes, packing!) and build quality. Of course we played it for a couple of hours and got our butts kicked.

Four weeks later I was looking for a new game and my son kept reminding me about a R and M (we are both fans of the show). My pinball buddy told me that R and M was not for him- he felt the shots were very inconsistent and the code could be deeper. Damn.

So in a moment of compulsive fomo I went for it- did not have to get a cash bucket (paid with a check!) and the move was just across town. So now I have this game and I really enjoy it.

I own 20+ other games and have played over 300 titles. The R and M theme is 10++, with actual episodes and call outs from the actors. The art is fabulous as well.

The shots? Yeah they are tough, but when you get that left upper loop going, life is great. The modes are all based on Season1-3 episodes (yeah I watched them recently). The booming subwoofer and shaker are great. I added Pinstadiums and a bunch of figurines as well as the coil fans.

Is the game for everyone? No. But if you like profane comedy, tough shots, as well as R and M, then seek one out.

2 years ago
I definitely understand the hate/frustration with this game. Shots are tight and it IS a drain monster. The hyperspace ramp is definitely inconsistent (not so on the pro). Some of the artwork is a little off (especially Luke).


The difficulty is what makes it so great. Nothing like getting in the zone and getting billion point games. How about getting three balls in the Hyperloop?! All of the modes are different and the code is fabulous. The action button and multipliers are so important. The videos are from the movies. I am not a fan of the comic art- unlike many of you I was in high school when the movie came out. The original art package is much better IMO.

I own most of the modern Sterns, as well as several BW games and some JJP games and Star Wars is one of the best. Yeah, it takes some time to figure it out, but once you do you open up a kick ass game with fabulous code. MTFBWY.


Update: I have been showing my pinball buddies the rules of the game, strategies, and shot making. Many times this has been during league play which unfortunately leads to larger scores...for them.

Now this game is a favorite - the use of floating multipliers and action button strategy are top notch. No doubt the Death Star shot is tougher on the Premium, but makes the shot so satisfying when made especially with Hyperspace.

Unfortunately if you are a casual player and don't understand the rules you will be disappointed as voiced by many above. The shots are makeable, but require practice. I've noticed many folks in the arcade dump a couple of quarters into SW and walk away rather quickly after punishment by this drain monster. This game is ideal for a home collection and then you can go to the arcade and put up your GC.

Slowly there is some growing love for this great game. Challenge yourself.

2 years ago
Owned LE game for several months and finally figuring out a strategy. After watching several YouTube videos and playing a **it ton of games I have learned to really appreciate the code and mechs.

The lighting and music experience are easily #1. GNR music was never on my radar, but after so many games, now it is.

I have added even more lights and better sound (pin stadiums, replacement speakers/amp, and exterior cabinet lights) to really make this game rock.

Only a couple of gripes- playfield pooling is a real issue, so I spent a fair amount of time placing plastic washers everywhere (upper playfield was a pain). I also added flipper coil fans, which definitely make a difference. The rear spotlights are a pain- I currently have disconnected the servos- don't miss it at all.

As far as code- fabulous ("Band Frenzy!" all day!!) with excellent risk/reward. However album modes and Slash Solo modes, although fun and cool, are just not worth the effort. I often skip those if going for a high score. Please fix this JJP!

The CE game is great- love the topper and exterior back lights which I have tried to replicate with my LE. You can't go wrong with the CE or LE. I can't comment about the SE.

Scorbit and wireless connectivity are great. My son also has this game and challenges me all of the time.
GNR- a new standard for all pinball machines.
2 years ago
Quite a surprise. I played the pro version at a local bar-Cade and was very underwhelmed. In all fairness I had just put up a 1/2 hour score on a new GNR LE and the AIQ seemed so bare and had a comic book vibe. I also had no idea what the game was about. Even on the pro, I did like the flow, shots, and the third flipper.

Without ever playing the premium I ordered one. The reviews were overall excellent and I wanted a new title. My son had cancelled his order for one to get a GNR instead.

A Pinside buddy and I had a small unboxing event, set up the game, and went to town. I noticed that the spinning disc would often get stuck about 5 mm off of the play field and would randomly go back to its proper location. My son noticed that the Black Panther shot often would not register. That opto-switch was also a little loose. So... after several weeks I had to work out some kinks and make some adjustments. The biggest challenge was fixing the disc- the slotted plastic bushings were not true (very subtle) and another Pinside buddy figured this out and helped me adjust it. Additionally, the Capt. Marvel shot is a real ‘challenge’, more reliable with the great CM mod (Diddy’s mods).

Today, I play this game almost every day. Bowen and RayDay have excellent Youtube tutorials-there is so much going on and so many strategies. I like to set up my portal locks (4 combos or super secret soft plunge skill shot or hitting the bingo targets at the right time), getting iron man and Thor ready for multi ball help to get a gem. Yes, the out lanes are brutal for us normal players.

The theme works surprisingly well. At first I was annoyed with the still life minimalistic cartoons, but I actually key in the sounds and music when playing no here the game shines. A shaker and external subwoofer really enhance the experience. I did buy the topper- is nice and flashy, but not sure of its value.

Strong points- code and flow. Very fun to shoot with very satisfying shots (iron man tower, Capt Marvel ramp, skill shots)

Not so strong- animations

Recommend? Absolutely

2 years ago
This is definitely a wonderful game and the #1 rating is certainly debatable, but probably deserved (what other game should be #1?). I look at these ratings to help me decide what game to purchase or spend time playing. I have fortunately spent a lot of time playing MM- two of my pinball club buddies have 'em and I also was reintroduced to pinball playing a virtual version several years ago.

Does MM deserve the #1 rating for so long? Who knows and who really cares (many do!) and I am certainly not going to troll this excellent game. Callouts, music, flow, and play are truly exceptional.

However, I have noticed that when a group of us get together to play in our home caves (smallest collection is 10 games), MM is usually pretty lonely. Is it because we have spent so much time playing this? Are we more interested in the newer games with deeper codes and LCD screens? Are we tired of castle bashing?

If you are lucky enough to find a decent MM (remake or otherwise), you will be looking at $8K+ and I would argue that most would find more value and fun with a NIB modern game, as stated by many others on this site. So I took off a point for lastability, fun, game rules, playfield, and gimmicks.

MM is one of the best for sure, but I think most would be happy buying something different unless they have an endless budget.

2 years ago
I saw this game at a pinball show (Pincinnati!) last year and felt it was similar to my BM66. I liked the shots and flow but was not too excited about the theme. I also could not get a fully immersed experience with everyone in line behind me and all of the other machines cranking out their music and callouts. I played a beautiful Monster Bash remake and was determined to buy that.

So... almost a year later I revisited Elvira and decided to buy one, because it was a highly rated game that no one else in my pinball group owned. I figured I could resell it at no loss. Monster Bash would have to wait (not a very deep code, but still a great beautiful machine!).

After three months (full payment up front. Yikes.), I finally picked up the game, had a small box opening party with a Pinside buddy and we played out a couple of games.

This game is... amazing. I own 16 games and have played almost all of the top 200. This is the top rated of all.

Artwork: Fabulous- very well integrated into the game. I did take one point off of the back glass only because I did not want to give this (or any other) game a perfect 10, and my wife says the only reason I bought the game was because of the prominent cleavage.

Sounds and music: EXCELLENT. A lot of 60s music that is not well known, but very effective and extremely well integrated.

Rules: Outstanding- so much to do and strategize. Just the right amount of MB's, mini-wizard modes, dead head opportunities (EB), and a really cool wizard mode (1.01 code).

Shots- very smooth, except when you miss... The house is quite a mech- actually quite complicated and well executed. Left ramp is wide, but not the right! Orbits and other shots are very Sternish (is that a word?)- challenging, but reasonable.

Theme- I am 61 and certainly remember a lot of these terrible (in a good way) shows as well as Elvira. The Stern crew definitely did their homework and the callouts as well as the movie clips are fabulous. If you tire of any of the clips (lots of them), just hit your flippers. I have discovered that if I relax and listen to the clips I actually play better, but normally impatience gets the better of me.

Fun- When I play my games, I usually turn on half of them, and always save this one for last. My pinball buddies (and wife!) always want to play this game (no big parties because of COVID).

Yes, I tend to rate games high, but I only rate games that I like- don't need to troll as there is enough of that around.

I would tell you to go find a great deal on one of these, but that is not possible. So, find a friend who has one, be really nice, and enjoy a fabulous pin!
2 years ago
“So much better than the movie!”. Ok, not talking about the book (Is there one?), but the pinball game. My game (owned for over a year) has always played well, not plagued by well known claw mechanism issues or skill shot problems. The right ramp claw shot is always a challenge and the flow is great. Call outs by actual actors and the music is well (90’s!) themed.

This is my go to game when I only have a 1/2 hour or less. The code is not deep, but understandable and achievable. Two basic strategies are the 4 different multi ball levels and/or the modes completion with Demolition Time wizard mode (my favorite and tends to get you the best score).

The triggers are actually very cool and you can get secret jackpots with them if you know what you are doing. Flow is fabulous.

Yeah, my son and I decided to watch the movie- very campy, cheesy, predictable, etc, etc. At least we learned what SAPD meant as well as the sea shells...

This is a wide body game, so it is heavy to move around. Outside the theme, this is easily a top 50 game. Fortunately, it is not, and you can get bargains on them...for now. Go grab one and enjoy it.
2 years ago
I have now owned NF for 13 months. I never really intended to buy one, but a totally reshopped beautiful one popped up at a good price and I pulled the trigger.

Honestly, this game sat in a corner for several months with very little play. The theme, and worse, the music, left me very uninspired. I did not really understand the game- just kept trying to hit the upper jump loop. On my game this is a hard, but very rewarding shot (as it should be). I have played other games where this is too easy.

I have several pinball buddies that love my table, not because it was so fun, but because of its NIB appearance.

Finally, 5 months ago I decided to learn the rules, watch videos, and spend a fair amount of time playing and strategizing. I had to replace the upper flipper shaft (still a hard shot) and my son was over and we played it for several hours. At first the brutal speed and kickbacks to the drain lanes was overwhelming. Then, like most games, we became accustomed to the flow and started making our shots and achieving some wizard modes.

Pinball buddies have been converted as well. This is a typical 90s game- straight forward, but difficult, with achievable goals, and a cool gimmick shot. No pop bumpers- all ramps all day! There are some varied strategies (e.g. hitting left orbit multiple times to light extra ball).

Now I really enjoy the game, play it quit often, and plan to keep it. Music is still annoying, but I have learned to block that. Talking skull is actually a nice contrast. For the money, this is a fabulous game and should be top 100. Be glad that it is not and pick one up.
3 years ago
This is a great home machine. The shots are very tight and flow is somewhat slow. However, when you get your shots and flow going you are handsomely rewarded. The table and art are fabulous and this is quite a different game from all others. I would not recommend this as your only machine, but it fits well into a larger collection.

Update: I find myself playing this game more and more. There is a new code (Jan 2021), the code is deep, shots are very challenging, but you still can keep the ball in play. Another pinball buddy and I almost always play this game when we get together weekly. The artwork truly is exceptional, and the hardware is pretty solid (I did have to replace the entire power supply after my son hit a "smoking" wizard mode- real smoke, ugh!). Lastability is a surprising 6/6. The flow and mechanics of this game are quite different from Stern and I think that is why many dislike this game. I have several Sterns and really enjoy them as well as this title. Houdini is different in many ways which is what makes it a keeper.

Update: Honeymoon is over. The game has not changed but I have (for better or worse). The art is still great. However lastability takes a hit. Overly tight shots are too much even with the generous long ball times. This is still a good one to have in a large collection, but I now prefer the newer AP games- Hot Wheels and LOV
3 years ago
I had a chance to buy this game that was just totally refurbished and could not turn it down. Surprisingly, I have really enjoyed this. Certainly not a modern game by any means, but a lot of fun. Pinball friends of mine always play this game when they come over. Certainly a lot of game for the money. Multiball is a challenge, particularly the super jackpot. Alternative back glass choices are fun.
3 years ago
At the age of 61, I am a classic rock fan . Sure I know about Guns N Roses, but they are not a top band for me. I had heard about this game coming out and of course being a pinhead I had to check it out and frankly I was blown away. The amount of work and detail is above all other pinball machines I have seen or played. I was fortunate enough to have put a couple of hours into a game at a local arcade. As a musician, I am extremely impressed with the Fender and Gibson headstocks as well as a full concert immersion. I really enjoy watching other people play and listening to the songs and watching the videos. Having an unprecedented essentially unlimited license allows so much more on this machine compared to so many other machines. My second game on this machine was 8 million and as a new pinballer ( in this hobby for 18 months), I was worried that the game was too easy. If course reality arrived and all subsequent games were much lower.

The game play, art work, sounds, etc. have all been discussed by so many others- all top notch. This is such a no brainier. I have ordered an LE, and my son pulled his order on another machine to order this one as well. We have close to 20 pins between us and have never had a duplicate until now.

No game is perfect. I did not rate this 10/10 because of that. This is the best one I have played (I have played almost all of the top 100). Order one now while you still can.

Update: Lighting and eye candy don't make this a long term keeper, but the code certainly does. Now that I have a clue what to do, the game has really opened up. I am constantly trying for that complete song with band frenzy set up with the proper patches. I have also discovered the importance of bonus MBs as well as the tour orbit shots. There is so much to explore!

My only concern at this point are the relative low points with Album modes and Slash Solo. I tend to skip or time these out, which is really a shame.

This is not a simple short game...ok can be when you are not warmed up... In a home environment, this game is epic and will not be leaving my collection any time soon.

Scorbit, not perfect, has been fun- my son sends me his scores which are always a challenge... He is keeping his game as well.

3 years ago
Finally was able to play this game at a local arcade standard edition. Spent about 2 hours total with another pinball buddy. My first impression was another Spooky pinball machine that that I was not going to like. However, I was very wrong. Immediately I noticed the booming bass and the really cool music. Spooky did a fabulous job with the Rick and Morty theme. Play was a lot of fun particularly trying to nail down that dang garage skill-shot. We played multiple other games that evening, including the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but we kept coming back to Rick and Morty. Looks like the rule set is deep (see other comments). We own and play a lot of pinball tables and this is definitely a top machine. By the way, Turtles is also top notch!
4 years ago
I first played GOTG several months ago, not knowing the rules, and with little pinball skills (which still persist today). I really enjoyed getting Multiball by hitting Groot and the music/theme were fabulous. I was frustrated by all of my out lane drains and poor scores, so I left overall dissatisfied. However, my wife loves the theme and has always wanted this game and I relented. Very smart wife!!

This game is fabulous. I bought a NOB pro from a local pinsider, squeezed it into a hall closet area, and have really enjoyed uncovering all of the great code (yes, this one has the Cleland mod, so I have never played one without) and shots. My wife loves this game as she loves to shoot up the middle and get Multiball. I enjoy scoring, which is all in the modes/multipliers, and making the (tight, difficult, and very rewarding) shots. It is great to watch the LCD screen and movie clips when someone else is playing and Cleland did a fantastic job with the voices. This game is challenging, yet rewarding, and always brings me back for one more (until dinner time...)

I have six other machines: BM66, T2, WhoDunnit, Getaway HS2, DemoMan, Baywatch (quite an eclectic collection) which I thoroughly enjoy, but I am consistently drawn to GOTG over all of these (OK, BM66 is right up there). Wife and adult kids love this machine.

Flow is excellent, (Cleland) code is outstanding, artwork is superb (I took a couple of points off only because I did not want to rate any game a 10), sound and music are top notch.

My only complaint: every time I want to play, someone else is using it. This game is a top 5 for me. I have played all of the Pinsider top 50 games and I have had the chance to purchase many of the standard top games- so glad I chose this one.

Update - whohoo! Now I have more tables and this is still one that is staying. Easy to understand- now I am working on maxing out multiplers- quite a difference and challenging! I knocked off a couple of points as this rates just a little lower than EHOH which I think is the best out now.
4 years ago
The good- Fun, easy to understand, go to game when I just want shoot the ball. Third flipper (yes I am a fan), Layout, turbocharger, simple but challenging multiball. MUSIC and sound- pinsound is a must for this-original ZZ Top songs and upgrade speakers. Otherwise sound and music are meh. After playing 50+ games in my early pinball career my son and I saw this game tucked in an arcade corner (by the bathroom no less- so nobody was playing it) and gave it a try. We instantly liked the game and it is the second machine in my collection. Solid high quality game that survives routing and keeps on ticking with very few issues.

That bad- cabinet art- really none to speak of (who cares? I don’t, but it is very generic). Lot of these games around- not much collector value. By today’s standards, shallow code. My wife is not a big fan- she likes the bright new games- like GOTG and BM66.

Overall- highly recommend. Get it, play it, keep it (most likely) or get all of your money back (or more) when you sell/trade.
4 years ago
I am a big fan of the movie and this pin is fabulous to watch and play. Original movie clips are great (need more) and the layout is great. Top play fields and multiple flippers are great. This is definitely a family friendly pin unless you don’t like flying monkeys (especially if they drop your ball).

Con- price. Also, quite a different theme from most pinball machines (pro or con). Some of the shots seemed too repetitive- a lot of up the middle.

Overall- Fabulous gorgeous game.
4 years ago
Fabulous table- one of the most fun especially with the extra flippers. I am not a big Iron Maiden fan, but my son is (surprised me!). So, not the most family friendly, but fun for all levels. I am always going back to this one at the arcade or friend’s collection.

With pin stadium lighting and mods this table is quite an artistic show.
4 years ago
Pros: Fabulous artwork, great layout and challenging. Typical high end JJP table- beautiful to watch. Deep rule set and numerous characters.

Cons: Wide body (feels big, because it is!). Friend who owns one complains of some reliability issues.
Price. All off these tables are now collector level because of high demand- not in production.

Update: I question lastability. My friend is selling his and we put a couple of more games on it. It really does not draw me back for another game. Art, animations, and theme are fabulous. GNR is another story- can't stay away from that one.
4 years ago
Everyone should play this game. The layout is a little different with the central spinning lamp which generates a lot of points. Beginning players can usually pick up the rule set quickly and get a decent score (one that will make you want to play again!).

This is a 90s game- so no LCD screen and limited animations, but most of us don’t spend much time looking at the back glass while playing.

This is a popular table for complete and amazing restorations.
4 years ago
Classic game for a good reason. The remake is spot on with great improvements. This pin is family friendly and all levels can really enjoy the characters and rule set. Artwork is fabulous, and the topper is one of the best.

Update: After 100s of more games under my belt on many more games, I have to update my rating. Above comments are still spot on, but I took away points for lastability, game rules, and game play.
One of the most beautiful games, but gets a little repetitive. Hard to compete with the newer games coming out (Elvira HOH, AIQ, JP). I always enjoy playing on site, but usually migrate to other ones for most of my playing time. If you are a collector- must have.
4 years ago
Pros: Challenging at all levels. A great pin to learn/practice shot making and ball control. I often just practice the cat woman ramps/combos- lots of fun (not high scoring).
Deep rule set with continuous updates- last update just a week ago. Minor villains and clips added as well as tweaked.
Fabulous artwork and call outs by Adam West and Burt Ward. Great original clips and great animations.
Music: Initially I was tiring of the constant nananananana Batman, but then I reached different modes and levels- music is actually fabulous, period and show correct, and quite varied.
I can easily play this pin for 2- 3 hours and not get bored. Maybe if my shot making gets better that might change! Some people claim that this game is clunky. I know what they mean- if your shots are just a little off this game is unforgiving- multiple bricks in a row. But when your shots are on- fabulous!

Cons: After two weeks, the turntable device would not turn and would bind. After multiple phone texts to the seller and a pinball friend we figured out two screws had fallen out from the lane diverter apparatus. This happened to at least one other pinsider. Fortunately, that is fixed and the game is spot on.
Lighting- very dim. However looks amazing with pin stadium lighting, but that is an extra cost.
Price- No basic pro version.

Overall: Fabulous family friendly game that is challenging and fun. My son and I have played all of the standards (MM, MB, AFM, TOTAN, etc) and many new games including the JJP tables. I have absolutely no regrets making this my first NIB purchase, and my son (excellent player) loves this game. Disclosure: I watched the series when I was a kid so the theme was definitely important- Stern nailed this one.

Update one year later. I now own 10 tables and have access to over 100 private tables. This is the one I still play every week. Pinball friends all want to play this as well. I thought I would get tired of the theme and game, but there are several games in one- and very challenging. Currently I am working minor villains as well as maxing points for the major villains. Machine has held up very well to my many verbal abuses.

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