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3 years ago
Has quickly become my favorite pin. Even edging out Iron Maiden Premium. This game is just fun. Shots feel great but they aren't easy. Feel rewarding when you hit them. Very well integrated rules. Sound and art are the best in my collection.
7 years ago
I like this one quite a bit. It is a cousin to Hi Deal, the main difference being the drops on the right are stand ups on Hi Deal. The gameplay is good and trying to get that double bonus lit is tricky. Hi Deal definitely wins in the artwork department for me, but I like having the mulitplayer capability on Hang Glider.

All around solid Bally layout with a spinner. Hard to not like that :)
8 years ago
My father has owned this game for over a year now and I have probably close to 100 plays on it. If they game is playing really good, has a good incline and the flippers are nice and strong this game is a lot of fun. The main gripes I have with it are the horrid Sys 3 sound quality and the multiball centric modes. They are nearly the same mode structure as Stargate (another game my father owns) but they seem a bit more repetitive in Big Hurt. I would assume this is due to the playfield layout. It is always fun to play for runs or home runs instead of score so there is some variety there. There are two bad things about the rules though. 1.) The left orbit, while a tough shot to repeat, can be hit consecutively for billions of points. Now, in over a year of playing the game I have only done this once, but it resulted in me getting over 4 billion points in a matter of seconds. My previous high score to date was 1.7 billion. Like I said, this can be an extremely hard shot to replicate and it is a dangerous shot because the standups on each side of the orbit entrance can throw the ball back down the outlanes. I honestly try to go for that shot all of the time as it sucks the fun out of the rest of the game which is pretty dang fun. 2.) Being able to trade in your "cards" you have collected to double your score. I have never done this because you have to have an exact amount. The rule is there though and I don't like it.

All of this said, it isn't a great tournament game, but a lot of fun in a home environment. I think a lot of people would enjoy it if they just got a chance to play it. It actually is a pretty game if it is cleaned up. My fathers is a very nice example with a clear coated playfield.
9 years ago
Just goes to show you that the programmers are really the stars of the show when it comes to modern pins. This is about as generic as a layout gets, but it might be the best pin I have ever played. The risk vs. reward aspect of the rules is brilliant. A press your luck element akin to gambling, which is really what you are doing if you brick a shot. Lyman is my hero.
9 years ago
Really, the only thing that isn't a 5-6 star for me is the current rules set (1.2). Just a fantastic shooting game with a lot of nice flowing shots. The lighting and artwork are fantastic IMO and along with Metallica is one of the two best 'pro' models released by Stern so far. I actually like the look of the plastic ramps more than I thought I would, they really fit with the whole 'look' of the JJ Abrams films. The sound is top notch with the only knock there being it doesn't have the theme song form the current movies. It does have the classic theme song though, so that is something. There is so much potential for the rules and I hope it gets there. It is still a very fun pin as it stands now, but it is obvious there are some things missing. I think and hope it will be a good location game as it really has the looks to draw new players in. The home crowd is going to be tougher to please though, so the code will really need to be knocked out of the park.

From a build standpoint, the cabinet is nice and solid. I also do not mind the new locking bolts for the head. I really don't see the issue here unless you intend on folding the head down 100 times year. I just think people like to have things to gripe about. I doubt it was possible to keep the recent locking system with the new metal head.

The cabinet artwork are great and the print quality is very nice as well. I am one of the few that really likes the playfield artwork as well. I think it fits well with the lighting and is not distracting during gameplay.

All in all, I am very happy with it and is a great offering for a pro model. The premium would really have to bring A LOT to the table for me to consider upgrading.

(edit 7-23-14) I ended up trading my ST Pro for an AC/DC Premium and I could not be happier. I still really enjoy Star Trek, but the current state of the rules just couldn't hold my attention after 10 months. I am glad I bought it and I might buy it again in the future if the code really gets an overhaul. I am starting to lean towards the opinion that Spiderman is the better game with nearly the same layout. I know people say STTNG has the same layout but it plays completely different. SM has some of the same 'feel' but with what I think are better shots and much better rules, even if I like the theme of ST more. Steve Ritchie really needed Lyman IMO to permanently plant this one in the top 10.
10 years ago
I think everybody should be required to own a Paragon at some point and REALLY play it for a while. A game that seems simple and poorly laid out after a few plays turns into a freaking genius design and amazing layout after a lot of plays. Sure, the game is brutally hard and unforgiving, but really a good player can control most of the bounces in this game. The artwork speaks for itself. It is amazing in a ridiculous way. The combination of art on the backglass and playfield is one of the best in all of pinball. The cabinet is ok, and hard to find one that isn't faded. The ONLY drawback of this title is the sound and connector design. The sound is sparse and uninspired like other Bally's from the day. If it had that awesome Williams sound from the early 80's it would be a perfect 10 in my book. The rules are simple but well thought out. It is all about maximizing your bonus. There are a couple of ways to get there and I always like trying different things. The game can be dang hard, but it is so rewarding when all goes to plan. I hope to own this one for many years to come.
10 years ago
I write up a full review later:

Love this game. A lot of fun for good players and new players alike. Has some great ramps that JPOP is known for. I think the theme keeps a lot of people from givng it a chance.
10 years ago
I have shopped and repaired this game for a friend and I now have over 100 plays on it. I was really surprised by how fun this pin was and how beautiful the light show was as well. I wasn't expecting a lot going in given I have never heard much about it, but I was pleasantly surprised at the gameplay.

Pros: Great layout with good flow and with strong flippers plays REALLY fast. What is nice is that it isn't just a 'SHOOT THE RAMP' kind of game. Yes you have to shoot the ramp to get the jackpot but it takes some work to get to that point. The ball locks can be tricky to hit with some narrow openings and some shallow saucers. As soon as you get two ball multiball (which is easy) you have to lock both of those balls into 2 of the 3 locks within a few seconds of each other. This is a lot harder than it sounds. Once you have three ball it is time to shoot the 'Ion Cannon' ramp for the jackpot. Once you hit the jackpot (which has a varied value depending on some other rules) you are treated to what I feel is one of the best light shows in all of pinball. The lighting and lighting programing on this game is top notch and wouldn't feel out of place on a modern machine. A beautiful thing to behold. While the rules set is not overly complex it doesn't feel too shallow either. It is a good pre-DMD rules set and I have yet to tire of playing the game. I am going to mis it when my buddy takes it back home.

Cons: The first thing people notice is how tacky the translite its.....well....I agree, it is pretty awful, but awesomely tacky at the same time. If you lived through the 80's you can at least appreciate it I think. They really could have done some bad ass artwork given the theme. Maybe something like an interplanetary laser war with some epic Ion Cannon blasting capital ships out of the sky or something, but they went with Laser Tag instead. Oh well ;) The other con and the only real gripe I have about the gameplay is the way the ball comes off of the pop bumpers after plunging results in a house ball about 30% of the time and about 50-75% of the time for inexperienced pinball players. I think they could have designed a little better release to at least divert the ball a little bit. A center post between the flippers may have helped this some as well. We will never know. It is pretty frustrating to have 2 really good play sequences ruined by a house ball, but those are the breaks and this pin isn't the only one with that issue.

All in all, I think it is a great pin and well worth what the asking price usually is. My buddy picked this up for a couple hundred with the intentions of flipping it, but after playing it he has decided to keep it.
10 years ago
A fantastic multiplayer pin that is great for just hanging out with the guys. The scoring always allows for close games and the toys are implemented very well. I like the artwork and layout and feel they mesh very well with the theme. There are a lot of really neat shots and while there are a lot of ramp shots, they don't seem to get boring. I would love to own this one someday and I am not even an NBA fan.
10 years ago
I have almost done a 180 on this machine after really playing a nice example of one (my brothers). LED's really help this game a lot even if it is just to put cool whites in the GI and in the white inserts. An amazing difference in appearance. Once I learned the rules, it really becomes an interesting game with a few strategies that can play out. It has some risk vs reward aspects that can be looked back upon as a beginning to the AC/DC code. I owned a Star Trek pro for a while and this similar layout actually flows better and just feels more satisfying. The venom shot is always a treat. In the past I was critical of the artwork and production of this game, but after spending some time with it I think I unfairly judged it. The artwork is fine and the attention to detail in some of the playfield garnishments is very nice. I like the plastic webs placed here and there. Well done SR and Lyman. Quite a pair.
10 years ago
I actually really enjoy this pin. Sure there are a few things that could have been a bit better, but I still find myself having a blast playing it. It is beautifully lit and the artwork is great. I actually wouldn't mind owning this one.
10 years ago
Now that I have had this game in my collection for a little while I can say it really is a fun and well thought out game. It may have a sparse single level playfield, but the rules and layout make up for lack of ramps and other toys. The Wizard mode is tense and lucrative so it is worth going for. The playfield artwork and lighting are perfect and well done. The cabinet is pretty plain and if there was only one thing I would 'fix' on this game it would be the cab artwork.

The only gripe I really have from a gameplay standpoint is that the glare from the translite on the shallow pitch playfield glass is horrid. Luckily in a home environment I can just turn off the backbox bulb, but on location it can be annoying.

With white rubbers this game is really fast and bouncy, which control freaks will hate, but some good nudging skills make up for it. The build quality is outstanding. These games are a joy to work on.
10 years ago
Love this game. A really fast playing game with awesome magnasave. It really throws the ball around and actually can slingshot the ball back across the playfield if you aren't careful. I am usually not one for this kind of artwork, but it has kind of a Mystery Science Theater vibe to it that I dig. The lizard head is kind of cheesy but it gets the job done. I think they could have molded something better than a kids halloween mask, but it was the early 80's ;)

Probably my favorite of the early magnasave games. Solar Fire coming a close second.
10 years ago
About the only thing I do not like about this pin is the sound. The audio track gets annoying after a while. The sound effects are good, but the bleep boop soundtrack gets on my nerves. The gameplay is fantastic and can be brutal. I enjoy the scoring setup and it is easy to understand. The lower playfield is disorienting, but once you figure it out, it isn't as intimidating as when you first begin. I put a ton of quarters into this one when I was a kid and would love to own one.
10 years ago
I want to enjoy this one more than I do. I am just not feeling the video melding with the pin as much as others. I enjoy the humor and the variety of different modes, but I still think I would rather play its predecessor. That said, still a fun pin in its own right.
10 years ago
Such a pretty machine and the music is fantastic. Really fast and unforgiving. I think I still like the original a bit better, I just wished it looked and sounded as good as this one.
10 years ago
I have done a 180 on this game since owning it. It just keeps getting better with time. If you get this thing lit well and playing fast it is a fantastic pin. I am starting to see why many consider it their favorite. Most don't give it a chance, which is the case for any game with an unusual layout. Which is a pity.
10 years ago
I really want to like this game as it is really pretty, but is just pretty darn dull. I tend to like progressive drop targets, but these just lead to easy drains and most of the time isn't worth the trouble. The artwork is really pretty good and is a very pretty game even at night, but it just doesn't hold one's attention very long. Pity.

*EDIT* 11/20/13 I have now played this game A LOT since I first rated it and I have done a 180 on this game. It really does have some good strategy and once you 'figure it out' it really is a nice pin. It is still very pretty and the sounds are fun. The game needs to be set up well to be fun IMO. It was unlevel for such a long time at Arcade 1984 and that made it nearly impossible to play. I am leaving my old review up to show that this game may need some time for full appreciation.
10 years ago
Just about the perfect table for me. Great shots, great rewards and the scoring makes sense to me.

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