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20:22:00 Rated game Evel Knievel with a 9.78

20:09:09 Edited a collection item Evel Knievel


03:42:54 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ratings Reporter (Write 10 rating comments)

03:42:54 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ratings Commenter (Write 5 rating comments)

03:42:54 Unlocked Pinside achievement Approved Rater (Become an approved rater)


09:58:06 Became an approved rater GottPinball


09:21:19 Rated game Hurdy Gurdy with a 9.82

09:20:11 Rated game Volley with a 7.69

09:18:38 Updated game rating Genie to a 7.09

09:17:41 Rated game Genie with a 7.09

09:16:12 Updated game rating Fireball Home Edition to a 6.32

09:15:32 Rated game Fireball Home Edition with a 6.32

09:13:48 Updated game rating Big Brave to a 7.90

09:12:27 Rated game Big Brave with a 7.90

09:02:19 Updated game rating Space Mission to a 7.74

09:01:57 Rated game Space Mission with a 7.74

08:47:01 Rated game Eight Ball with a 9.82

08:37:45 Rated game Strikes and Spares with a 9.82

08:35:33 Rated game World Cup with a 5.93

08:29:16 Rated game Swinger with a 7.42

08:25:28 Rated game Hokus Pokus with a 7.59

08:23:51 Updated game rating Beat Time to a 6.95

08:21:46 Rated game Beat Time with a 6.95

08:19:51 Updated game rating F-14 Tomcat to a 7.24

08:19:06 Rated game F-14 Tomcat with a 7.24

08:15:50 Updated game rating Darling to a 4.14

08:11:57 Rated game Darling with a 4.14

08:05:19 Rated game Star Trek with a 9.33


00:24:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement Proof is Everything (Add a high score with photo evidence)

00:24:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Leaderboard (Add a high score)

00:24:20 Added a high score of 666,380 for Eight Ball

00:16:49 Unlocked Pinside achievement Commenter (Write a comment to an article)

00:16:49 Commented on a story The Most Beautiful Distraction.


20:03:01 Added a game to the collection Star Trek


23:30:51 Unlocked Pinside achievement Regular (Visit Pinside for 14 days in a row)


20:02:43 Added a game to the wishlist Black Knight


09:31:33 Added a game to the wishlist Flash Gordon


07:24:43 Added a game to the wishlist Ship Ahoy

07:22:04 Unlocked Pinside achievement Respectable Lineup (Own 5+ games at a time)

07:22:04 Added a game to the collection Hurdy Gurdy

07:21:21 Edited a collection item Strikes and Spares


18:57:18 Added a game to the wishlist Black Jack

18:54:27 Added a game to the wishlist Night Rider

16:19:38 Added a game to the collection Strikes and Spares


17:57:04 Unlocked Pinside achievement Gameroom Displayed (Publish at least 3 photos of your gameroom)


06:14:05 Added a game to the collection Evel Knievel

06:13:26 Unlocked Pinside achievement Getting Somewhere (Own 3+ games at a time)

06:13:26 Added a game to the collection Eight Ball

06:12:56 Unlocked Pinside achievement Going Old-skool (Own an EM game)

06:12:56 Unlocked Pinside achievement Starting a Collection (Own a pinball machine)

06:12:56 Added a game to the collection Outer Space


01:03:08 Rated game Outer Space with a 9.92


06:42:45 Favorited a topic TGE Adjusting pop bumper sensitivity?

06:13:07 Unlocked Pinside achievement Verified (Become a verified user)

06:13:07 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Supporter (Obtain a Pinside Heart)

06:09:51 Unlocked Pinside achievement Avatar uploaded (Uploaded a user avatar image)

06:04:42 Unlocked Pinside achievement Located on Map (Set your home location)


19:38:36 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Member (Sign up for a Pinside account)

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