Oh, my BALLS!

By Gostav

June 24, 2022

53 days ago

In an open email to Stern:

"Open letter to anyone at Stern,

 Perhaps you don't understand my situation here. I live in a place 90 miles to the closest public pinball machine. I wanted to get a pinball machine at home and purchased a Deadpool Pro New In Box. This is a huge deal to me since I am retired and don't have money like that unless I save for years. Imagine this and everything is delivered without issue, but the pinballs. I got a paper envelope with some packet included that rendered the pinballs completely unusable due to some brown powder all over them. That was 2 weeks ago and still nothing from Stern except this last email. Thank goodness for marcopinball.com to get replacement pinballs, but i still needed to wait 5 days to get them while I looked at an unplayable game. This seems like something from a bad dream, oh, but it is reality. I just got a new pinball hat from Sterns store that I bought, so I know there is at least a Fedex that is picking up. So thank you marcopinball.com for selling me replacements, or I would be STILL looking at a useless machine."

I am in contact with Sterns warranty and merchandise sales. This is still not resolved, but Rebecca said the replacement balls are on the way. Oh boy!

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48 days ago

Yikes, never seen them come that way. That is terrible to look at a beautiful machine. Like having a brand new car in the driveway and no keys..... Happy flipping!

47 days ago

must've gotten wet or something, hung out in a humid transit center etc. Thank God the game is ok :)

12 days ago

Got the same Stern machine new a year ago, the playfield looks like a warzone, all dented, just after 100 games.
The game is fun but the quality of the playfield is below all standards.
Aso have a couple of olde games ( TZ, Addams, Indiana Jones ) no such thing.

11 days ago

What is that stuff?? Rust?

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