My Pinball Story

By GoRun26

June 01, 2021

56 days ago

My father passed on his love of pinball to me. I grew up on Surf Champ and Jet Spin, which my father swore to my mother were brand new. Nevermind the carved initials all over the cabinets. I got back into pinball as an adult and have enjoyed playing all the great games Seattle pinball bars have to offer. I love newer machines, but on the rare occasions I come across an old Surf Champ or Jet Spin, I can't help but drop a few quarters their way. I'm looking forward to finally starting my own small collection after years of delay. 

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42 days ago

Seattle and Tacoma have a lot to offer in the pinball world. Dorkys ,8bit, triple knock, the list goes on. Definitely have to check them out now that the pandemic is about over

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