Bowling Ally memories

By Gorgar666

July 09, 2019

10 days ago

In the Late 70’s I was 10ish? years old and I remember highlights of those times. My parents where bowlers and weekly visits to the Bowling Ally I went. This is the time I can remember being able to roam freely. As my Mom and Dad where busy with their socializing, drinking, smoking,...bowling.A Dollar or Two was handed to me which only lasted minutes. Most the night I was a spectator of the older kids and even adults....I remember cigarette balancing on a neighboring Pinball machine and Beer bottles on the glass. I so badly wanted to touch the  playfeild parts. On occasion I would see someone unlocking the coin door. Seeing what I thought was hundreds of dollars in quarters....arcades soon took my interest,..for the life of me I can’t remember one pinball theme that was in that game-room....

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