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2 years ago
This pin is pretty great for being a single ball solid state with speech. For the money, I think it’s a great value and understand why it has a pretty good following. It’s simple enough for newbies to understand and approach, enough shots to keep you entertained, and the million shot is a blast to nail when given the chance. You can rack up a pretty high score if you know what you’re doing. I have owned mine for quite awhile now and it’s time to pass it on to some one else to enjoy.
2 years ago
Owned this one for a little bit. Shopped it, upgraded to LEDs, played for a little bit and couldn’t wait to get rid of it. This is the poor mans version of EBD. The art, sounds, ($&1ng background sound!) and operating system all seem to be thrown together like the entire pin was designed and put together in one day. This being said, it’s a fun game when you have at least two people playing and everything is working correctly. Shots are just what you’d think for the most part, set up like a pool table with pockets (drop and stand up targets) to hit. Would I own this one again? Absolutely not.
2 years ago
Always wondered why this title got such a high ranking in the Top 100 and now I know. I played one a couple years ago at the local pin bar and fell in love with it so much that when the operator replaced it with something else I bought it from him. Now that I’ve owned it for awhile I feel like it can give it a true ranking. First, theme integration especially for the time is incredible. Space themes were huge in the 80s and Williams nailed this one with the sounds and light show.

This game is hard. It can be brutal at times and a drain monster. But that one game where you cash in makes you keep coming back for more. I still to this date have only broke 10 mil once! (I’m not good at pinball) Playing this one in the dark is the only way to go here.
2 years ago
DE JP is a classic and deserves its place in pinball history but I just couldn’t get past the clunk factor. It’s a beautiful game when upgraded to LEDs (much needed with such a dark lit playfield) and the different modes and things to shoot for are pretty great for the time, but the shots always felt very clunky, especially coming off the upper flipper. It’s fun to go through all the modes and get to system shutdown but it just wasn’t for me. And I had a pretty nice one before I sold it. Fun to own for a little while though in any collection.
2 years ago
This is the one and only version of this game I’ve played.....and I’ve played a hell of a lot in the past couple months- enough for me to purchase a new one! New titles rarely if ever blow me away like this one did or at least enough to throw down a big chunk of change on a new pin. (I’ve always liked 80s-90s titles) But something keeps drawing me back out on location just to play a couple more games. The light show, the sounds, call outs, live concert footage and visuals on screen....this game has everything including a pretty deep rule set. The LE & CE have more added excitement with extra goodies on the playfield and cooler cab art (not to mention 100s more lights etc) but for me it was this or a Stern Pro. GNR is a masterpiece in modern pinball design and I feel like this game will only get better with new code updates. My only complaint on the standard would be the cab art but you don’t buy a pin to “just look at it”. Get one while you still can or splurge and get the LE!
4 years ago
This was the first pin in my collection over 2 years ago and it’s not leaving. This game is such a hidden gem in the 30 game system 11 category. The fast flow design by Steve Ritchie is incredible and I’d put it up there in the top 5 system 11 titles. Hitting that combo shot from the upper flipper during multi ball or sudden death feels incredible! Is the music and theme cheesy? Yes, but it all works and this was an actual show for one season, lol! The playfield colors are definitely late 80s-90s themed but they really come to life with LEDs added. It also has the best song in pinball...KICK BUTT! If you have the chance to purchase one some time then take it. Pretty good bang for the buck! ROCK, ROCK, ROCK N ROLLERGAMES!

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