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By GoodManners

July 05, 2014

6 years ago

After the Amazing Spiderman and others I picked up some new games.

Found an old Dracula that I flipped. Also sold the F14 as it wasn't my cup a tea.

The DE Secret Service I sold here in BC also - I couldn't get it working very well.

I found 2 old Bally Playboys that are projects (added a third after the NW Pinball Show).

Bought a Bally Star Trek here in Vancouver that is in excellent shape.

I bought a CftBL and a T2 in the USA.


In Hamilton on business I found a Viking pin. That is sort of a grail pin for me so I bought it and had it shipped to Edmonton. I also took my Amazing Spiderman and Star Trek and dropped them off in Edmonton.

And while home in Edmonton I found an Indiana Jones in Saskatoon that I bought.

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