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16 days ago
I’d initially written this off as too simplistic, but the music and sounds, combined with the UV Kit really immerse you in the game. And that’s #1 on my list. The simple layout is also well backed up by a comprehensive but uncomplicated rule set. I went with the Pro as I didn’t know if I could trust the lock on the Premium from reliability accounts, and the projector to me was great but maybe not worth the expense. Would be nice if you could add it as a mod though!
76 days ago
Will update my score as my game-time and code progresses, but off the bat this is a clear hit. Shots are plentiful, satisfying and achievable. It's a medium difficulty game and very fair. It can be fast or slow, and there is just SO much variety yet it doesn't feel clogged. It's just a great balanced game. Music is good, the animations are great period content, and you can understand it without knowing the rules, or get deeper into it if you want as well. Pearler of a game.
3 months ago
Phenomenal game! I have the Pro with lit ramps and a few mods, and combined with the amazing soundtrack the theming is superb. Gameplay is a nice balance as well. The disc spinner makes it a different game every time, I love the spin the ball gets which emulates the disc games. Shots are a mix of easy and difficult which is good, and the game is somewhat difficult but never unfair (except when the disc shoots your ball directly to the outlane with no time to nudge lol).
4 months ago
Interesting one this. I went with the Pro for a faster game and like that. Shots are butter and flow is sensational. BUT - the rules!! Unless you know what's going on, you're nowhere. Choosing the house to play, choosing the battles, stack them or not, it's all too much. Then in each mode, I see lights but don't really understand how I'm progressing through them. In the end rather than study the rules and learn more I just gave up (sold it). There weren't any gimmicks to keep me coming back, and a game which is highly strategy based but with nothing especially fun about it is for a certain type of player (not me). I did like the lights, the music is on point, and it was easy to work on which is good.
4 months ago
Grail game for me that I owned, and then recently sold. The ramps are amazing, the shots feel fantastic, flow is great, music I love, callouts, it seems to have it all. But I found the right hand side of the playfield is amp packed so if you're not on the upper section, you're nowhere. Ie the lower playfield is super small and narrow. It's fun to go for the modes and hit the flashing arrows, but if you just want to have a casual hit there's not a lot of variety. I also stumble with the fact some of the modes in multi ball require an accurate shot with the upper flipper, but I'm too busy working the lower ones! I'm average though so that's on me. Overall I did really enjoy it, don't think they're quite worth the money they're commanding right now, would own again if the price was right.
4 months ago
Owned one, sold it, about to buy another. Connect this to a sub and the thumping bass pedal point in the soundtrack is phenomenal! Here's what I love about the game. Sure the artwork is a little bright given the theme, and initially it looks like it could get repetitive. But the gameplay is the perfect balance between difficult but also fair. One of the biggest things for me is that there's no lag, no ball hold delays, no animations that hold the ball until they're over with. You're always playing. Something I hate with newer games is you can spend half your time twiddling your thumbs as it goes through all the bonuses you just got. Especially between balls. I don't need to see the tallying up, just give me my next ball! Drac serves it up immediately and so yeah, your actual ball time is like 99% of the time. I can have 5 games under my belt in 10mins (because I suck), then have a killer game and really get a lot out of it. The rules are simple, the mist is of course epic, and Williams games easily have the best flipper feel of them all. If you're on the fence about this one, JUST GET IT.
5 months ago
Played the Premium and own the Pro ( I like both). I love the relatively open playfield. The Toybox is a great feature of course, but also the Elevator multi adds another element to it all. One aspect I really like compared to most other games is that in multi ball, there are many places the balls can pause (scoop, toy lock, elevator) so that you don't have every ball in play all the time. It really slows things down a bit and because of this I'm able to keep multi going for much longer than most other games. Love that. I also find (and this is common on all rock pins) that the music selection really helps so it's not too repetitive. And with Pinball Browser you can add anything you want song-wise. The artwork is hard to fault, so colourful and with its great lighting, it really is a pleasure to look at and play. Highly recommended. It's my first rock pin and I love it.

One downside is that it can become repetitive. You’re either shooting the lights, or loading the toy box. That’s about it. And the toy box is pinball’s easiest shot, so it can grate a bit. For friends visiting it’s nice and easy though, and the one they stick with the longest because they can have a longer game. It’s easy to stop the ball in AS. But mine is moving on now due to it being a bit of a rinse repeat scenario.
1 year ago
Only been in the collection a week but I'm just loving this. Fairly difficult and to start with I was getting a lot of shot rejections. I've had to put a lot of hours on this but I'm now at the point where I'm becoming more accurate. The good thing is that most shots aren't 'dangerous' so-to-speak, like I can have a fairly long game scoring hardly anything, just practicing my shot. I like that. If the ball doesn't land on the flipper I want and I can't bounce pass, there's always a shot within reach that will land it on the other. The music and animations are absolutely spot-on (ultimate code on mine), it's just so cinematic. A great additional mode that the kids enjoy turns it into a completely different game too (Nebular challenge). It's early days for me but I'm really looking forward to exploring what's possible on this thing.
Edit after over half a year: Still good. There's a variety of strategies you can play this with, so it never gets old. I still struggle with some shots but that's just me.
1 year ago
Not everyone wants a rule-intensive game. The light-heartedness of this game is what draws me in. I’m just as satisfied to have a quick game on this or go for a long haul. There’s a good mix of ramps and targets, with an uncluttered play field that helps you if you’re trying to improve your skills. Artwork and animation could not be better IMO. I prefer the Pro to the others as the lower playfield is just a distraction to the main gameplay where I’d rather be, and most likely a bit of a nightmare to work on should you need to.

On the downside, I just couldn't stand listening to the theme song over and over. It just grinds me. I wish they had alternative options on that. And the callouts. If those were improved or you could change them I'd have kept this pin for sure but alas I sold it. I also found that as I got better, the joined standup targets were just not challenging at all. It's a really lazy option imo from Stern.
1 year ago
A great pin! Some say the rule set is too linear, but there are multiple ways to play this game. You can chase high scores by playing all modes. You can play the map by doing miles over the ramps. You can progress weeks and chase multiballs. You basically choose your own adventure with this game. There’s plenty to hit, satisfying ramps, many opportunities for special shots, and is easy for beginners as well as satisfying for veterans.
1 year ago
Top game. For me it was on the hard side. I'd spent multiple hours doing all the recommended mods and this improved it a lot. But for me, if you missed a shot it punished you for that. No gimmes. I found it really hard to progress or get long ball times, but again I'm below average as a player. I've seen someone smash this thing so the potential is there. In terms of theming it doesn't get any better. The music and callouts are on point, the Butt dimension where every shot make a fart noise - how can you top that! Superb music, absolute solid effort from Spooky. Flipper feel was dodgy to start with but through software/code updates it's improved. Still not to Stern level yet with hold power, but fairly close now and snappier than the JJPs I've played.