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3 months ago
This baby is bolted to the floor. The Premium edition is WAY better than the Pro and worth every penny.
11 months ago
Ok, I rated my Ball Park values in its "Comiskey Park / Wrigley Field" configuration. I have done extensive modifications to the original. The original Running man unit and associated background makes no sense. It appears that they are playing the game on the side of a steep hill in a land where giants live. I corrected the perspective making the field flat again (what a concept). I then replaced the original back glass complete with players wearing flippers, with two amazing back glasses executed in plexiglass. I created bullet proof decals to cover the decades of ball wer on the targets. The plastic shield that is always cracked has been recreated in indestructible Rhino acrylic. The "Invite competition" decal has been faithfully reproduced as well. The running man unit background was replaced with a more traditional background with an added City of Chicago flag waving in center field. I created custom bleachers and upgraded the odd green color to a more appealing color. Custom cabinet blades were created. Updated custom Cabinet artwork all around and two versions of the backglass depending on what side of Chicago you root for. The theme is set at one of the yearly games when the Cubs play my WhiteSox! Those games are referred to as the Cross town classic. Look in my store called Creekside Hideaway where I will be offerring all of the pieces I have created.
1 year ago
Incredible Chicago gaming quality. The last game LFS blessed is also a wonderful testimony to his skill. This one is a keeper!
3 years ago
I have always loved the theme and awesome Back glass and playfield artwork. Flow is exceptional. Music addicting. If this game was a few years newer and had a DMD.... The sky is the limit. I found it interesting when I started my search that I saw they rarely come up for sale. It turns out most owners are either from Chicago (Like I am) or a Fireman. The game I bought was purchased from a retired Phoenix Fire Department Captain! It really IS True.
4 years ago
And to think I wanted a Medieval Madness, HA. Indiana Jones Pinball adventure smokes it! Best pinball I have ever played.
4 years ago
My initial comment "A friend of mine had this in his collection. Just looking at the cabinet and play field makes you want to get your line wet. It's a real lunker for family fun."

Now that I own one, the game is even more awesome than I realized. With a ColorDMD and art blades by Tilt graphics plus a few of my own custom touches. This one is a KEEPER!
4 years ago
4 years ago
I grew up in Chicago where my parents created a game room in our home on the SW Side of Chicago. This was my first pinball machine and played it during elementary school and high school. The gobble holes were a nightmare, but either because it was my first it holds a special place in my memory. It is truly the game that got me hooked.
5 years ago
The DMD is a bit lacking. How many times have you tried to explain the rule set to friends only to have them stare at you in total confusion? This game gets the most play in my game room. Super easy explanation. collect these ingredients and then get Kona to burp! Done. The shots are not too hard. Its super easy to understand the games goal. One bummer is that the two ball multi-ball is not tied to an achievement but a random award. That is a shame. The game is easy to really get hooked. The rotating island is a cool feature. The DMD graphics could have been much more creative. "Nice Coconuts". Its a winner in my game room.
5 years ago
Not for the faint of heart! The window of key shots are narrow. But whenever I want my butt kicked THIS is the game that will do it. Mastering it is a true achievement.
11 years ago
Best game in my collection. Definately should be top ten withought a doubt. Ramps, multi-layer, great rules, ramps, awesome jackpot, cool topper, sounds change as you progress, ramps, Bigfoot, boulders and effects are incredible, ramps, Cool DMD graphics and a few cool toys. And did I mention th ecool ramps?

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