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7 years ago
My daughters and wife LOVE this game. They love the theme, sounds and gameplay. I do too. Win/win in my book. The game speaks for itself (and others who rate it high).
7 years ago
Just bought Medusa as my first non-DMD era game. I was looking for a game that played fast, had some cool, unique features, and had attractive artwork. Medusa had all these. I could have purchased a Fathom or Paragon, but for the price point (Fathom) and game features Medusa won out. The zipper flippers are very unique allowing a separation between the upper/lower playfield which consequently allows separate "rule areas" or effectively two playfields. The center, numerical display in the playfield is unique for me and helps keep track of extra ball match counters and two other game play counters. Easily seen. Has a "flippable" center post too. I love the backglass and playfield artwork. The game play rules are a little hard to understand at first, but once you understand the basics shots and awards, it becomes obvious how to score big points. There are a lot of ways to score points and the challenge is to collect/advance these awards in parallel. This is a single ball game, but I really don't miss multi-ball on this game. This must have been an advanced game in its time, but it still is attractive today for its game features, challenging play, and artwork.
9 years ago
Just shopped a JD and have been playing it quite a bit. Added the deadworld mod (which I agree is a must). The game has a little of everything....four flippers, drop targets, a magnetic crane that picks up the balls, a planet disk that holds the balls, etc. It is unique. It plays with 9 balls, has a selectable Super Game mode, and is a widebody. Game play can be tough, especially draining down the middle, and is a little choppy. The theme (a comical futuristic crime fighter), as everyone knows, is not widely known in the US. Overall, it is a good solid game with lots of toys and unique features. People are usually surprised by it since it isn't so widely played/known.
9 years ago
I actually really enjoyed playing this game. It was easy yet I had fun trying to master the shots. Good family theme especially for young kids. Good solid Williams game. I like the center post which saves the middle "drains". Again, this would be fun for newer pinball players to attract them to pinball. Doesn't have all the current gadgets but just enought to be interesting. Cute game.
9 years ago
For some reason, I don't like this pin as much as other A/B games. Too many ramps???? Don't get the theme? Some cool toys though. Not on my wish list.
9 years ago
Good theme for kids. Simple rules and shots.
9 years ago
Really like the theme and overall look of the game. Good in a gameroom and to entertain guests.
9 years ago
Love the pin in general. My only complaint is that gameplay can be very quick because the game is hard for non-experienced players; not a good pin for guests. Love the mini-playfield. It has a little bit of everything and very unique. Art and sounds are great.
9 years ago
My favorite pin of all time. I'm a big LOTR movie fan so no surprise. The game is challenging with deep rules. The audio and display animation during the different modes are excellent. It's intense during multi-balls and destory the ring. My wife loves it too. It's a keeper in my collection.
9 years ago
Good pin for newbies and kids to play. I use it to entertain guests. The rules and shots are straight forward and easy to explain....."shoot the ship", "shoot the monkey", "shoot the chest" over and over. The ship is a very cool toy and people love it. I play it when I want to take-a-break from deep rule pins.