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2 years ago
I own both Jacks Open and its AAB cousin Lucky Hand, and this is probably the most addictive of the 10 Gottlieb EMs currently in my collection. The advancing card hands (two Jacks, three Queens, Full House, Royal Straight Flush) is really cool and it's addictive to try to get them all down and light the special (or WOW on the AAB Lucky Hand).

Love this game, and even though I'll probably sell Jacks Open eventually since I have its AAB Twin, this is a FANTASTIC EM pinball game.
6 years ago
I bought a Lucky Hand in March 2016 and absolutely love this game. The progressive card-hands is a great strategy and rules set, whcih it shares with its replay cousin Jacks Open. As an Add-A-Ball game, Lucky Hand offers the player the chance to light up to 5 "WOW" lights on the back-glass and, as a result, rack up huge scores and long games. IF. If you're a good shooter and can avoid the open drains on the two outlanes. The artwork is vibrant on the playfield and the red-and-black of the cabinet, while simple, perfectly complements the playfield and reflects the card-theme throughout. One of the most unique aspects of this game -- to my knowledge the only Gottlieb EM to ever have this feature -- is the four 1,110-point rollovers which, when lit, activate the 10s, 100s and 1000s chimes in succession, creating a wonderfully melodic rhythm to this game, and a nice sound variation from other EMs.
6 years ago
I bought this game in March 2016 and, holy cow, what a fun player! The game is gorgeous -- beautiful bright colors, campy futuristic artwork and nice lighting -- and the ball FLIES around the playfield with the two-sets of slingshots and two pop bumpers up top.

The five kickout holes across the top are fun, and a well-aimed shot from the flippers can make it all the way up to the top of the playfield. I've set mine to conservative, so you have to knock down all four drop-target banks to light the special, which lights the top center kickout hole and also moves around from the different stand-up targets below the center island.

Overall a very fun game and one of the very last small-flipper EMs that Gottlieb made!
6 years ago
I am almost completely finished refurbishing an Atlantis from the ground up. What a gorgeous game! The cabinet, playfield and back-glass theme and art-work are top-notch, and this is one of the toughest Gottlieb EMs ever made. It's got a wonderfully deep rules set, with lots to shoot for, and the right mix of features that keeps you coming back for "just one more game."
6 years ago
One of the best parts of Top Card is that you can get long play-times from each ball. Now at first you may say "well that means it's easy." I didn't say that. Top Card keeps you on your toes and the ability to effectively cradle, hand-off and complete skill-shots at the 13 stand-up targets (not to mention the 1,000 point Pop Bumpers when lit), is challenging for sure.

The game has classic "Card" themed artwork, fantastic chimes, and GREAT ball movement, thanks in part to FOUR slingshots.

The lone downside in my mind is that there's not alot of diversity when it comes to target-types. The game has 13 stand-up targets, 5 star rollovers (these advance from 10, to 100, to 1000 and back again throughout the game), and four rollovers at the bottom. A kickout hole or drop target (or several!) would have made this game even better.

Still, I find myself coming back to this game again and again. It's a very fun 3" flipper wedgehead!
7 years ago
This may be one of Gottlieb's best-ever four-player EM drop-target games. Essentially, it's the same game as the two-player Quick Draw, and the key feature is the two banks of five drop targets (10 total) on either side of the mid playfield. Knock down both banks and the middle target (a lucky horseshoe) pops back up on both sides and each is worth 5,000 points apiece if you can take them down. If you do, they both pop back up and you get another shot at 5,000 apiece. This continues until the ball drains.

Overall, the machine has great western back-box and playfield art, the wonderful 70s Gottlieb chimes, and overall is a very, very fun game to play. Very good lastability on this one!
7 years ago
I spent an afternoon at the Seattle Pinball Museum today and they have a GORGEOUS edition of this Zaccaria Supersonic. Holy cow -- it's really pretty with vivid colors and lights. The back glass, playfield and cabinet are all close to a 10 in my opinion.

The targets and sounds are distinctly "European" and the playfield layout is very unique and plays very fast. Overall a really, really fun game to play and, as I've said, visually appealing.
7 years ago
This classic 1960s single-player Gottlieb Wedgehead has wonderful playfield and backglass art that depicts a carnival boardwalk scene. The theme is carried over in the two "Duck" spinners and the ducks on the playfield, which light up different numbers that trigger bonuses as you spin the spinners. This is one of a handful of EM games that the Seattle Pinball Museum has included in its EM collection, and I'm proud to say that in May 2015 I added one to mine as well (pics coming!).
7 years ago
Possibly one of the most beautiful playfields ever made, and one of the most interesting and detailed backglass ever made as well. The playfield has some cool features including a gate on the right out-lane that can close to put the ball back to the flippers. Overall, a very fun game and a challenging one that has very good playability and lastability, in my opinion. Kind of odd that they didn't make the game have more connections to Elton John's music, but that's beside the point. This game is available for play at the Seattle Pinball Museum.
7 years ago
As a Gottlieb EM enthusiast through-and-through, I have a special place in my heart for this game. Although the drop-targets can be a bit infuriating, the game overall is lots of fun and keeps you coming back as you try to master it. Classic Gottlieb playfield artwork and back-glass as well. I have several EMs in my collection, but find myself playing this one the most. It's just flat-out a blast to play.
7 years ago
When all my friends started playing arcade games in junior high school, I was captivated by this pinball machine (ok, I played video games too, but spent a big chunk of my "arcade time" after school or whatever playing Gorgar). The back-glass, the voice capabilities, the playfield lighting, and the playability of this game kept me coming back for more.

Even though I'm an EM guy, this is one of my very top early SS games. I would probably not own it in my personal collection, but if you want a fun, classic playable SS from the very beginning of "talking" pinball machines, this is the game for you!
7 years ago
I played this games several times earlier this spring at the Seattle Pinball Museum while enjoying a craft brew. While the playfield layout is a bit open and seems slow compared to other games of its era, the playfield design and theme are amazing and I found myself continuing to play because of a solid rules set and an engaging theme.
7 years ago
This is one of about eight classic EM's that the Seattle Pinball Musuem has chosen for its collection of EM's, and I've spent several fun afternoons enjoying a beer and playing this game over and over again trying to knock down those drop targets! In my opinion, it's a very solid Gottlieb EM, and easily one of the best-looking EM's it produced.
7 years ago
This machine gets an un-deserved bad rap from some, in my opinion. If, like me, you love the look and sounds of the Gottlieb EMs from the 1960s and 70s, this machine is a way-cool American-West themed example of that era. With a total of 26 scoring mechanisms on the playfield -- highlighted by three drop-targets in the middle and two kick-out holes near the top -- the game gives you some cool 2X and 4X bonus opportunities and the chance to win extra balls. It's a four-player game and can be very challenging and fun to play. I recommend elevating the back legs slightly for more slope on the playfield.