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9 years ago
Whitewater has a great layout, unlike no other. The combination of ramps, shots and goals makes this game one you want to keep coming back for more. A true classic that stands the test of time.
9 years ago
Bk2k is an adrenaline pumping, fast machine with great flow. Your not going to find better sound on a system 11machine.
9 years ago
One of the most unique pins ever made. Visually and gimmick wise. A lot of amazing toys and shots.
9 years ago
A great machine with terrific flow. Definitely an under valued machine.
9 years ago
A true Steve Ritchie masterpiece. Game was way ahead of its time. Upper playfield, drop targets, multi ball, last chance timer, magna save. Awesome game.
9 years ago
An absolutely gorgeous pin. Every aspect of this game is timeless. Game plays amazing, has a great rule set and yet it still is hard to master.