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March 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Addams Family, The 1,190,045,990 2018-03-29 home 3 #24
“Lasted about 40-45 mins. Toured the mansion 3 times, was one shot away from touring it a fourth time when I lost the ball. Previous score was 665 million so this is my first time ever getting over a billion!”
Addams Family, The 665,506,290 2018-03-28 home 3 #64
“This game lasted about 25 minutes. My previous high score was 634 million. I'm approaching 700 million, I can almost smell it. If I had one more extra ball I could have kept it going to 700 million and perhaps beyond. I'm sure with practice I'll surpass a billion within the next few months”