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84 days ago
Incredible game. Playfield problems and other breakages are my main complaint.
84 days ago
Very fun game. Callous are excellent. Trolls, castle, catapults, princess all great. Music and sounds are good. A couple of sort of fu. Hidden surprises. Only knock might be its not extremely deep from a rules perspective but maybe its just deep enough.
7 months ago
Amazing game, really fun. Maybe not too deep but love the callouts and the music. The default red dmd is terrible. Will need to upgrade to a color dmd.
7 months ago
I find the game difficult, if you are not precise on your shots it will be a short game. Lighting is amazing, music is great. Shaker motor is perfectly integrated and really adds to the feel.
9 months ago
This is very much a flowing game that requires you to not spend a lot of time lining up shots. I like that. So many ramps! Really fu. Game.