Pinball what a clever Mistress!

By Glotrim

April 12, 2022

36 days ago

Within the past 5 years, I have gotten into pinball. We have a north shore pinball league my wife and I are a part of and we are surprisingly good. I deal with a lot of BS from big companies working on programs for product development involving flexible fiber optic light pipes (OEM GRADE) same light pipe that is in TRON LE ;) and getting boned by them big time after helping them and making the due dates. 

right now in my rec room We have Houdini, Johnny N. AUSTIN POWERS YEAHH BABY, and World cup Soccer.

The point of this is that... Holy Cow i am so tired of getting F'd by these 3.2-15B companies that if it wasn't for Pinball I'm sure my wife would have left me. it is so very frustrating working your hardest cashing in favors and then getting screwed. I literally just went into my garage to scream due to this happening again. and guess what now I am going to F off the rest of the day and play pinball.

also shout out to John Borg. The new Rush LE WOW ...incredible played it over at CHV during unboxing last weekend. 

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23 days ago

Hey Glo,
Sorry to hear that man… ya know I just bought a Tron Pro from a Stern dealer in Okla and they have had it for the past two months adding MODs and trying to find Other MODs such as the very light tune ramp light kit that the LE’s have.. what the hell! Who has a Tron pinball that doesn’t want that MoD? My
Tech has been trying to find a set for me with zero success, yet. He says someone who may have them is out of reach until May 1.? Do you have a source for this mOD?

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