It's a small world after all...

By glilly-BOA

January 29, 2011

9 years ago

I have always been an avid arcade enthusiast since a young child. Shortly after highschool, I attended a Certificate course in electronics and afterward landed a job in the Daytona Beach area as an Arcade Technician where I did trouble shooting and repair on video games, pinballs and other arcade related equipment. In 1989, I was offered a chance to work for the Walt Disney Co. in Orlando Fl. Once again, I found myself working on arcade equipment, but now I was doing it for the Disney Co. (How fun is that?). After less than two years in that position, I moved on to Epcot as a computer technician working on Ride and Show related systems thus ending my career in the arcade industry.

I had the opportunity to do some work for the company that I originally worked for and it was then that I had was able to buy my first pinball for my own (Centaur). Centaur has always been one of my favorite pinballs and it was the first one I ever owned (not the one I have now). I also bought a Fireball Classic and was given a Fathom (another story) as payment for work (I don't have any of these now).

Over the years, I sold off the three pinballs I owned and got involved in other things. It wasn't until around 1998 - 1999 that I stumbeled across the MAME project and this rekindled some memories for me and got me thinking of Pinballs again. I tracked down the Fireball Classic that I owned but was unable to find the Centaur. I bought and refurbished the Fireball Classic and sold it for $650. Shortly afterward, I tracked down my current Centaur and was able to obtain that and the rest is history...

I currently have 9 pinballs in my collection, three of which I am not likely to part with. I am always looking for a fixer-upper since this is why I collect them. I just love restoring hopless machines into something like the original. I prefer to maintain original paint, parts, etc... whenever possible, but I will do touchup paint if needed.

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9 years ago

I do not know if I would like pinball as much if I had to work on them all the time.

9 years ago

Very interesting read glilly. You have quite the background. Would you restore my Atlantis? :)

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