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51 days ago
Could possibly be the best pinball ever. Simple, yet deep.
Fun, beautiful, funny and entertaining.
I can't wait to get my playfield replaced, so it's smooth as silk.
60 days ago
I just love it. Nothing like cranking up Enter Sandman, or the solo on Unforgiven !!!
60 days ago
Possibly the greatest pinball ever made. Just got it, and can't stop
4 months ago
The best of the Batman games. Have owned a dark knight one and didn't really love the newer Batman 66 version.
But I love this one. prettiest machine in my collection. And I love the ramps
5 months ago
Yeah, I'll own it one day. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine
5 months ago
I liked it then, and it's still on my wishlist now. So it's going something very right.
Think I might prefer High Speed. But it's close
5 months ago
I never played the original, but I played the take and after one hour on it, I now join the thousands who want to own one.
One day
5 months ago
My favourite modern game. And I just can't help but give it the perfect score.
Could.possibly only be between if Queen ends up being as much fun.
Then and only then will this be #2
7 months ago
One my all time favs. So glad I found one
6 years ago
Had to sell. Kinda wish I didn't