My story

My story

By glengarrygr

September 09, 2017

11 days ago

I grew up in Lakeville, MA., a small town near Cape Cod just south of Boston.  I've lived in Columbus, OH, Silver Spring, MD, and currently Bloomington IL.  Been a banker for 35 years.  Interests include Cub Scouting, hand & long guns, guitar & piano, motorcycles, and a deep devotion to Porsche cars - particularly the air-cooled ones.  I attended UMass Lowell and on the 1st floor of our 18-story dormitory was not only a Rathskeller bar but also a game room.  Among other games was 1 pinball machine.  It was a Joker Poker.  Some of my greatest memories include playing that game for hours per week over 4 years.  I can't imagine the pounding that machine took over the years and wonder where that specific pin is today.  In July 2017 I played Joker Poker again for the first time since 1982.  Wow.  They joy was real.  Made me think that whoever said "life is short" was dead wrong.  It is a long haul man.  Now I have an original unrestored and  unmolested Joker Poker in my garage.  Life is good.

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10 hours ago
Fox Tower, in '86 had pool tables but not pinball.

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