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1 year ago
Easily one of my favourite pins of all time I love the challenge keeps me coming back flow and layout are good shots are tight but not impossible I will be keeping this game in my collection for a long time.
4 years ago
Awesome game really like the feel of it well made pin really fun to play keeps you coming back for more
4 years ago
found the game to be flat and just another stern misfire the music is the best thing about this machine
4 years ago
one of the most fun games i have ever played keeps you coming back time after time
4 years ago
wow this table is tough the full-length ramps and the variaitions of shots are fun but wholly cow its not a long ball game need to work on the out lanes and the contain drain problem
4 years ago
Was not sure about this game as people always compare it to the williams version i think this was stands on its ownit is a different game fro the williams but fun in its own right the rulls are not very deep but it keeps you coming back for more
4 years ago
love the game it ranks in the middle of my collection have had it for a while it may the next one on the trading block to keep things fresh.
4 years ago
Bought this game the Combo LE and wasn't sure about it after the first play but as it is for most games you need a few plays to get you hooked i am now hooked this one is a keeper for me long term.
4 years ago
Just bought a few months ago have restored the machine to almost new condition love the play of the machine the rules are awesome and easy to figure out keps you coming back for more very challenging
4 years ago
the lighting on the machine i played was dim i am sure if you brightened the play field it would add to the game loads of fun enjoy the play with the upright handles
4 years ago
Great game this will be staying in my collection permanently
4 years ago
Great game has a lot going on in it has a deep challenge to get to wizard modes which keeps you coming back for more
4 years ago
very challenging keeps you coming back for more time after time really love the game one of the best out of stern in quite some time will be keeping this one in my collection for quite some time