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2 years ago
This game has an amazing theme element - you're bringing the bride to life and it's done amazingly well considering the era and what they had to work with. Music and sounds really help seal the deal along with ridiculously innovative head mech. Art is decent, but the cabinet art might be the best of all time in my opinion.
Sadly the one ramp and mech shot dominates play, and once you've hit the billionaires club a few times, you might not be returning for more, especially in a small collection. Still, it's a fun game and everyone should at least play it enough to bring her alive one time.
2 years ago
This game is beyond loaded, there is so much to shoot for in such a unique layout. The art and theme is amazing if you're into JD and the music, callouts and animations are top notch.
The deadworld is such a neat mech alongside the crane, but can take some fiddling to get working properly - but man when it does, it's unreal. This may be the best bang for your buck game in the DMD era I can think of.
2 years ago
The Shadow is a prime example of a game that would cost 8k to make today. It's loaded with innovative mechs for it's time and it plays beyond fast. An upper third flipper to shadow loop is so satisfying and the upper battlefield is a unique and challenging experience when it's working well.
I love this game and while I had to move it on, it was only due to space constraints. I would say this game will only resonate with serious players as it's all about the gameplay - which is challenging yet surprisingly creative - there are many ways to move the ball around the playfield thanks to the adjustable ramp mechs, and once you have them mastered it's like operating some kind of primitive industrial machine, just way more fun.
2 years ago
This game is an absolute flow monster, and the speed is unmatched. The art isn't the greatest, but if you're looking for a game that will keep you on your toes while hitting combos you could only imagine - this is the game. I will say it's the best pro model of any Stern game i've played to date, hands down - If you're on the fence about losing some extra lighting and a difference in wireforms, don't worry the pro is a fantastic buy.
A blend of Attack from Mars with an amazing upper flipper to warp ramp, almost every shot is makeable from either flipper if you like to backhand - seriously this game will have you coming back for more all the time.
2 years ago
This game is near the top in every list for a reason, it's always a favorite of guest or family alike.
The shots are satisfying, the castle toy and mechs are brilliant, and the theme is perfectly integrated. If you just want to get on a machine and have fun, this is it. If you want to try and do something other than bash the castle, you have many other options and objectives to try and stack, and it's a pleasure to do it.
2 years ago
This game is literally a theme in a box. Every shot seems to be valid so long as you're not draining, and the art/sound/music/lighting and animations are all top notch. CGC absolutely elevated this game in the best possible way and it's just plain fun to shoot and experience. I'm not sure I'd ever let it leave....
2 years ago
A classic game that will stand the test of time - every person needs to have this in their collection at one point or another.
Gameplay is fast and game is simple to understand yet challenging even for the best of players.
3 years ago
If I could have just one pin, I'm confident this would be it.
When I originally played it, the game was heavily routed, lit poorly, un-level, and there was so much going on - it didn't make a great impression (how many games fall victim to this I wonder)
One day out in the wild, I happened to find a better example and had a completely different experience - the game started to click but I didn't have any idea just how much it had to offer until I decided to purchase one for myself and set it up the way I like.


What can be said that hasn't already?
lasting play-ability, sounds and music, dots, tons of shots, theme integration, modes galore, wizard mode, gumball and upper playfield, powerball , magnets, diverters, wireforms and ramps, hidden shots, 4 flippers, lock shots and scoops, a working clock.
This game is what happens when a genius crew had carte blanche in the heyday of pinball. When set up correctly, TZ embodies everything that is great about pinball.

If you've found it slow or poorly lit - don't fault the game, but the operator.

TZ is fine for casuals, the theme recognition isn't there for younger generations, and it's really best experienced by decent players looking for a game that will take months/years to appreciate so consider that if thinking about adding it to your collection.

I don't think I'd be able to part with mine, and it would be the last to go - it's that good.
5 years ago
I have to say, this was a dream theme pin for our household so after waiting a year before committing - I'm so glad we bought this game.

The Theme - Honestly, the only theme that could be better than this game would be Big Trouble in Little China. Whether its man, woman, or child - this theme delivers for those who love the movie. I can't think of a better themed pinball right now to be honest -you certainly won't be disappointed.

The Art - I love the fact that this game has original art, I feel like most of the newer games coming out are just photoshopped movie art. The entire cabinet and playfield is loaded with a lush amount of color burning your retinas during gameplay. Big props to Zombie Yeti and to Stern for giving him a chance with this franchise.

The Sounds - All the callouts, music, and humor of the movies are here - Any fan of ghostbusters is going to love it.

GamePlay - While I'm still learning some of the shots and the ruleset (1.13 code) , the game feels fun. The action is fast and you have to work to hit some of the ramps and captives - this is not a beginner machine however I will say even those that are not pro level (myself included) are addicted to this game, and keep playing just "one more" every day. I have to say next to TOTAN this is my favorite pin yet.
While the game isn't easy, I see it as a good thing as it will keep me coming back for more, and make me a better player as a result. Bottom line, the game is FUN no matter what your skill level.

Build Quality - I know there have been many issues around the cabinet and playfield with this game. Mine was built april 2017 and I do not have any ghosting yet, and while there were no cabinet issues, I still opted to add some L brackets in the four corners to ensure nothing comes loose over time. There are some things out of the box that had to be adjusted like a few ramp switches, spacer on the right ramp, and some anti airball plastics (a must) but once you've done this, the game is an absolute masterpiece when it all comes together.

Like any game, play it before you buy - but if you like Ghostbusters and a challenge this game is for you!

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