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By Gimiray

February 01, 2021

23 days ago

My wife and I made the three hour journey to see this "pristine" Time Warp.  "It's in the basement and it hasn't been turned on since we put it in the basement" said the seller.  Fifteen feet away, approaching the machine I knew this was not going to be for us.  The fact that it did not turn on didn't bother me...It was the rust on the legs, the back glass so flaked one could see through it and of course the batteries leaked badly, ruining the boards.  Rust and moisture ruined whatever the battery acid missed.  "When did it last turn on and when did you put it in the basement" I asked.  The answer: "30 years ago."  As I explained why I did not want it and what time had done to damage the machine over the 30 years, she asked "would you be interested at a lesser dollar figure?" "No, thank you" I said. I tried to say politely after driving 3 hours: "It doesn't make sense with all this pinball machine needs..." and then I made the offer: "You have two choices as I see it.  I will help you get it upstairs to the garage for the next person and you can try and sell it to someone else or I will adopt it for free and keep it out of a dumpster."  She chose us.  "I will give it to you if you send me photos of the progress" and we shook on it and loaded it up.  3 months later, all boards including sound board have professionally restored, I rebuilt flippers, replaced coils, fixed drop targets, did playfield repair, fixed wiring, cleaned switches and contacts, made adjustmernts, added a new ball, replaced the back glass with new, replaced all 5 displays, new legs, levelers, new rubber, LEDs, etc, etc, etc.  Well, I have more in it then it's probably worth, but I have grown very fond of the ol' Time Warp.  It was a great game from a great time period and now an excellent machine in my line up.  (and now it's probably as nice as one would hope to find)  I wonder what's next??  I have included before and after photos.  Enjoy!!

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