By Giltron

November 03, 2021

24 days ago

I have been looking around to buy another pinball but I see there are a few scams running around so I think I might as well post them here to let people know about them.

I started talking to this person on Instagram he said their website was as you can see by the chat on WhatsApp and that set off alarm bells so I did my research on the lovely web.

The Phone number was not linked to The Pinball Company so I contacted them and asked if they know the person and they seemed a little shocked as they had no idea who they were. So after some more digging, there WhatsApp has only been listed not long ago. 

So a few tips for people 

1) Search the number on google as the number if often linked with other sites as i have found with scams 

2) Ask for their website and contact them directly to see if they are linked

3) Prices are not the same as current market prices often they are too good to be true

4) Offering new machines but they are no longer made

Biggest tip i can give is step back from the sale until you have done all the checks to make sure it is a legit sale.

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24 days ago

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8 days ago

If the price is too good to be true, you know it’s a scam.

6 days ago

Don't buy a pin without seeing and playing it, otherwise you're taking a huge risk

20 hours ago

I called and was interested buying a machine. The contact info. and replies seemed very irregular. I am sure it is a scam.

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