Pinball was once a dream!

By Generalmarky

June 29, 2022

This story got featured on July 01, 2022

48 days ago

Owning a Pinball machine these days would cost an arm and a leg! I'm just thankful I have a steady job and good friends in the Pin industry to help me out. I have two boys who absolutely love to play pinball. So we are definitely trying to expand our collection. Our favorite one by far is Keith Elwin's Godzilla! We originally bought the Pro, but once we got a chance to own a Premium, we jumped on it right away! Definitely the best investment we've ever made. We also own TMNT & Star Wars the Mandalorian. We hope to meet more Pinsiders, and please add us as a friend! 

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44 days ago

I'm with you brother! Just bought my first pin and it arrived Monday. None other than the Stern Godzilla Premium! I couldn't agree more, "Best investment we ever made." I just came home from the grocery store to catch my wife playing it!

I can't add pictures in the comments but I made Stern Insider / Pinside badges for my kids to save their high scores and achievements. The front is the Pinside badge and the back is the Stern Insider QR code. You can register them as a new account with Stern via their birthdates and it will ask for an Adult email and allow you to "approve" or be the parent account. My kids love their badges and lanyards. The whole experience of owning a pin has been a blast and I'm only in my first week of ownership!

43 days ago

I'm curious whether your friends within the pin community helped you snag a deal on the Godzilla? I'm guessing not since they're sold out everywhere...but maybe you were referring to just being able to actually get one :)

42 days ago

I put a deposit down with a distributor from Columbus, OH back in Feb. They had 11 on order. I just had to wait 4 months for the machine to be built.

8 days ago

Hi GeneralMarky! That's an awesome collection you have! It's honestly such a great hobby to have and while the initial investment is high they do a good job of retaining their value and can offer such great entertainment both for you, the family, and for guests you have over. My favourite machine at the moment is the Deadpool 2018 Stern machine but I did have a chance to play on the Godzilla machine at a pinball event last year and damn that was a lot of fun. Congratulations on snagging yourself the machine and it's great to hear you and the fam are having are blast!

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