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7 months ago
Shots are very tight, making the orbits and mode shots quite difficult. I love the theme but I just dont find it that fun to play. The toys - rocket and moon with magnet are very cool. The models are badly inaccurate. Much of the playfield in the upper middle is wasted.
7 months ago
The remake takes the best pinball ever and makes it even better with the LE. The topper is super cool, the blue rails and legs are gorgeous, and the huge screen makes all the animations pop (the swimming creature is stunning). The game has something for everyone - fairly easy to collect the monsters, but very tough to get every instrument. Stacking monsters in the right order can lead to huge scores, and a lot of good humor. Compared to other LEs (MM and JJP POTC) it is a relative bargain since so many (1500) were built.
7 months ago
Killing jumping martians, blowing up flying saucers, fabulous art it is a 10.
7 months ago
SS is one of THE best integrations of theme, art, sound and especially speech ever. It is not trivial to beat the stiff o meter and next to impossible to beat spider mode. And Elvira’s double entendres are hilarious.
7 months ago
Congo is an underrated game. The volcano shot is one of the very best in pinball, and very satisfying. Its got great music, fun to beat the gorilla, and playing with Amy is a very unique feature. The music and dialog are well integrated. Some things like ghost multiball, video mode, and especially jungle jackpot are rare and add to the freshness each time you play. The only criticism is the lame backglass art. It is WAY better than the movie.
7 months ago
TOTAN is arguably the most beautiful pin made, especially the playfield. Combined with the music it does take you to a faraway land. It has a good number of hidden shots, like the harem. Battling the genie, the wizard mode is fun and exciting with the back and forth of who is winning. The tales however lack variety - they require many of the same shots. It also does not have a deep rule set, and is easy to beat for an experienced player.