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1 year ago
My favorite game!!
11 years ago
This is a beautiful game, the artwork on and in the game is fantastic.
Great flow and it does some really neat ball tricks with its 4 magnets.
Casual and hard core players will like this game!
11 years ago
This game is one more toy and a wizard mode away from being a top tier game.
As it stands, it gets pretty repetitive in a small collection

Its strong points are the theme audio and music, this is top notch.
Rules are good but after a few months in a home environment you see everything the game has to offer, and can get repetitive for players.

Guests and non pinball players really love this machine it is easy to play with great music and theme.

Overall a fun game with great theme / music and audio package but comes just short of really good or great.
11 years ago
Fun and under rated game!
One of the best bang for your buck DMD games IMO.

This is a players game for sure, not that friendly for non pinball players.
Its a game where knowing the rules is the only way to appreciate what it offers.
It offers a whole bunch, but again not very friendly for non players, in fact friends and family would only play one game, before moving onto a game that was easier to slap the ball around on.

I really enjoy the shadow, its a great game hiding under a not so pretty art and theme
11 years ago
This is my desert island pin.
Epic is the word that fully describes this machine.
Absolutely fantastic game.
You are drawn into the story, modes are awesome, multiballs are great fun.
The software is what makes this game shine. One of Sterns all time best efforts by far.
Top notch audio, animations, and music.
Software is deep and the battle is intense.
The only drawback I can think of is some long ball times are achievable on this game.
11 years ago
Well implementation of the theme, into game play.
Fast and furious fun!
Some of the best music, audio and animations on a game to date.
If you are buying this game, put a shaker in it, feels like you are going to battle with the bad guys!
Not a very deep rule set, so for some of the more hard core guys it might fall a little short in that respect, but with the fan layout, magnets throwing the balls everywhere, war machine shooting at ya, iron monger, whiplash, hard rock edgy tracks and top of the line animations and plenty of quotes from the shows, this game will be around for some time in my collection.
12 years ago
I can't stop.
One game ends and I want to play another one.
Tough to score big on because of the speed of the game.
great game!
fast and very fun.
Not the deepest rule set.... but that is not the point with this Steve Richie classic, speed is the name of this game
Who doesn't like fast cars, the roar of an engine, ZZ Top and a hitchhiking hottie in a pinball game?