The case of the disappearing pinball macine

The case of the disappearing pinball macine

By garyolix

December 15, 2018

35 days ago

I was sitting at the bar of the Highwater Tavern in my hometown Fairport Harbor Ohio enjoying a bud lite and the luch special free range chicken parmesan and garlic bread. I was dejected because after checking the pinside map I had come to the sad sad reLIZATION THAT fAIRPORT HARBOR WAS A BARREN pinball wasteland. Gone were the classic old EM pinball machines I was weaned on at Rich's Lanes Bowling Emporium. And no longer could i drop in at Mr G's hamburgers or the Fairport News and mostly naughty magazine storre to pound out a game or three of pinball on classics such as Fireball. Just as I got up to leave I noticed a dark dark corner of he room and there stood a familair boxy shape. Could it be ? I walked over for  closer look. Yes indeed it was a pinball machine. ANd not just any machine. It was a good N. A modern destined to be classic. It was Lord of the Rings !. Wow ! "You've got a pinball machine!" I proclaimed to no one in particular. "Yep" responded the barmaid drolly. "Does it work" I inquired. "It sure does!" responded a woman at the bar. She was a player, i cold just tell. "well that's great, and I'll be back." I pledeged as I headed for the door. But I will be back for sure . And ain't it just wonderful?. Good old Fairport Harbor is not a pinball wastelandafter all. Not today and hopefully never. Long Live Pinball and God Bless America !

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35 days ago
I have a comment that this machine should be added to the map. And I don't know how to make that happen. I find the map very useful.

Gary Olix
32 days ago
Wow that is my favorite story ! The writer has real talent I can just tell. Thanks !!

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