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5 months ago
The LE is nicer due to the mirrored backglass and metallic side art. Close to perfect. Best game I have ever played.
6 months ago
Pinball perfection. Awesome layout with enormous number of shots and ball paths. Great theme and great integration. So glad they got Blue Oyster Cults song as well as music from the movies and the new original music are all great and flow well together. Love the chance to have the Japanese language on. The Raymond Burr impersonator is great. The call outs are great and there is a ton of humor. The ability to summon an ally is great. The ZOMBIE Yeti art looks beautiful. The mirrored backglass might be the best use of this technique. The foil side art is incredible. Still early code is still a bunch if fun. Internet connection is cool with all the achievements. I bought my first game in 1982. This is the best I have owned or played. All the code updates will just improve.
6 months ago
Fun game with lots to shoot for and is getting better as time goes on.
6 months ago
Wow, best Stern Pro ever. Great flow. Lots of different shots. Challenging, but not impossible shots. Great theme and theme integration. Awesome job incorporating 10 movies as well as original animations. Has some humor. Elwin's best game so far. Wow.
2 years ago
Great game. System failure is a great wizard mode. Trex eating the ball is one of the best toys of all time. Timmy getting electrocuted on the screen is awesome.
2 years ago
Everyone I have every played is either broken or breaks down soon after people start playing. Clunky not fun. I think it has some interesting features that hopefully we will see integrated into other pins down the line. Play it, enjoy if you want, definitely not on my list to buy or play again.
3 years ago
Not a pinball
3 years ago
Fun game that newbees always gravitate towards. I am not a soccer fan and I still love this game. I wish the spinning ball did more. I have had it for a few years and I am glad I got it.
3 years ago
Game is a blast. My first DMD. I bought it 10 years ago and I like it more everyday. The supercharger is great fun. The police light on top spinning around and zz top music are awesome. Clear goals, progression through different modes, gear shift to plunge the ball and for use in video modes and shift gears into the next level. So much to like.
3 years ago
My favorite game. I hate the theme, but the squeezed out everything they could about fishing. Creative, addictive, fun, lots of ways to score. Easy game to flip, but it will not leave my home.
4 years ago
Fun games, I put swear roms in mine.
4 years ago
My first new in box game. Great game, one of my favorites in my 15 game collection.
6 years ago
Best integration of any themes. Wow.
6 years ago
Just plain fun.
6 years ago
Fun game. Awesome speech. Too easy.
6 years ago
Perfect game. Lowered rating a notch as there is a new king and I agree.
6 years ago
Not one my favs. Never makes it through a tourney with repairs.
6 years ago
This machine is my wife's favorite and turned her on to pinball. Shows what a great set of rules can do to update a playfield. I love that you can "cheat".