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1 year ago
There doesn’t seem to be a lot of love out there for Popeye. I can see why people aren’t a fan but I can also see why people like it. My wife really enjoys it so it’s a keeper for me.

6 ball multi-ball
Wide body/Super Pin
Upper playfield
A fast game when tuned right
Reasonably priced
Easy to find clean examples

Upper playfield hides a lot of the lower playfield.
Rule set is not that deep.
Connection between Popeye and saving the earth is a stretch.

A fun game if you don’t take the theme too seriously or look deeply into the rules.
1 year ago
This was at the top of the list for my must have pins. Amazingly, a fully restored version popped up for sale just down the road from me and I was able to pick it up.

My wife and I could not stop playing it for the first few days but we quickly found ourselves going back to our other games. Having wanted this game so badly we were surprised. The reason, the beautiful artwork and playfield over shadowed the game play. Yes, it plays well, but not as well as it should for the price this game demands. The acrobats shot/ramp is smooth and a blast when you hit it but hitting it is near impossible, even with lots of practice and this needs to be done to complete certain game modes.

I’m really glad I was able to acquire this game and a pristine example of it, but it stayed in my collection for less than a year.