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35 days ago
This is a theme made for pinball, Dutch pulls it off with absolute brilliance. The theater under the glass they created equals a nice shooting pinball playfield. The code with a timed execution of those movie assets and light show is perfect for a fun-playing game. Even the music works, if not an official soundtrack package.

It all comes together keeping you challenged and smiles from those playing and to the viewers watching. a fantastic pin!
3 months ago
Regardless of issues with the license that is keeping this from being a top 10 game, as it really kills the rank score. Gomez is a layout genius. Mike and Lonnie are doing magic with this game with rules and code.

In the end when the code is complete and polish / bugs zapped. The only bad to complain about will be the restricted use of music and forced to used artwork.

It really is that good of a game.
2 years ago
Phenomenal pin! With the final code and balances, it will go down as one of the greatest pins of all time.
2 years ago
I want to love this game. I think the theme is great. I just can’t get into the game.
2 years ago
Played at Expo 2021. It was surprisingly good and better than a lot of other games.
2 years ago
The pro is excellent. The Limited or Premium is phenomenal. You cant go wrong with any of these games.
3 years ago
Sleeper pin! Total blast to play!
3 years ago
This game is so undervalued. It really is a great game.
4 years ago
Gomez knocked it out of the park. Excellent game. Too much fun.
5 years ago
Finally, we get the best Batman and Robin of all time in a pinball machine!

Absolutely, fantastic work by the crew of Stern for Kapow. Having a very short window to produce the project and time for the code, they nailed the show into pinball history.
5 years ago
This pin is excellent. Walking up to this pin is stunning. The art is amazing. I played the crap out of this game at the Midwest Gaming Classic. I couldn’t stop going back to this pin. The game play is so rewarding. This might be Sterns best pin to date.
6 years ago
Fast, fun and fantastic.
6 years ago
Excellent pin! Keeps you coming back.
6 years ago
Fast and fun.
6 years ago
Absolutely a masterpiece! Jersey Jack has truly created a work of art on every level. Every person involved in the development and build of this game deserves every accolade of praise.
7 years ago
The side drains and the gap, I can deal with. The only thing that needs to change is the heavy metal guitar music on the terror dog. It does not fit in with any of the other musical themes. Othwise, this is a fun, great game. This will be a top 10 pin for a long time.
9 years ago
This game deserves a spot in up in the top 20. Way better than TOM or CV.
10 years ago
Beautiful. I'm not certain it will last in a small collection.
10 years ago
This game is it! Never boring, always satisfaction. It deserves to be in the top ten!
10 years ago
Next to Dracula or Doctor Who, this pin is so underrated. I would put this as one of JP's finest designs.
10 years ago
Great pin. Great theme. Great fun.
10 years ago
This game is a all around masterpiece. Everything comes together. A important pin in the history of pinball. Best of the Pinbot series.
10 years ago
Underrated. This is a pin that is a great addition to any collection.

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