The pinball life

The pinball life

By Frostbite

October 05, 2018

70 days ago

I was born in 1986 so i was able to enjoy arcades before they died out completely.  My first memory of playing pinball was at a local pizza place down the road from where my dad worked when i was around 6ish.  Every once in awhile we would join him for lunch there, and thats where my earliest memory of pinball happend.  They had a superman machine, i sucked at it but with all the flickering lights,mechanical parts and sounds how could you not fall in love with a pinball machine. Toward the end of the 90s when i was old enough my parents left me alone at the malls, i always went to the arcades. usally armed with 5 bucks or less, but i remeber pins being expensive to play like 50 to 75 cents. So usally played one game of pinball then found some cheap 25 cent arcades to play. Fast forwards to high school, my parents found an old pinball machine on an auction listing, i believe my dad had to work so my Mom and I motored to the auction. We got there didnt work and probaly hasnt in years. It was a gottlieb rack a ball, but to my surprised my mom was bidding on it. She won it at 300ish dollars, found out pretty quicky they weigh a ton!  Luckily another guy helped us get it put into our pick up and drove it home.  Got it home and put into our basement, luckily my Dad was knowledgable on electrical stuff, but we needed help.  So i got on the internet and found Steve Youngs place on the internet and gave Dad his number.  Dad told him what the problem was and Steve told him how to fix it and got parts shipped out. It was missing its whole score motor, put in another and some other things and it started right up! We probly paid it as a family for days...  After i graduated college i was still playing pinball here and there when the opportunity arised.  Bought a house... Got married... Went to some barcades when we traveled, my wife enjoys playing as well.  Then one day on facebook market place a gottlieb jungle queen ,didnt work pops up for 200 bucks.  Probably was a bit of a gamble but i jumped on it, got it home started working on it. Spent a few hours working on it and decided i needed some help on it, got in touch with Joe from pinball 360 in Scottsbluff Nebraska, that dude is amazing his knowledge on EM and SS machines seems unlimited. He got it fixed up and running in about a week!  Now its a slippery slope and i want more pins!

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