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frg has written 2 rating comments:

4 years ago
Even though the rulesheet (1.21) is just maybe at 40%... just an estimation... it is fun to play. I love those different levels in mulitballs or wizards modes with add a balll and super jackpots! But I expect that there will come much more... at this time only "Into the fire" is implemented.

BUT... hey - what a machine! This is a modern pinball machine... great display, great sound system, great lightning and obviously a better built quality than Stern can deliver at this time.

Update... Sold it... tired of waiting for incomplete software... but also my fault... I am not patient enough...

I also love the non-functional details... starting with the packaging being more professional, using really great powder coating and those little details like the revival of the ac line cord cover - not essential for survival, but very nice!

Still I remember this disastrous preorder system and the awful delays, nevertheless I have to admit - well done, Jack! There is no way, we could be friends but your machine is great. I am very happy that the European importer (pinball freddy) is a trustworthy business man, so this may not be my last JJP machine - especially if Stern does not stop those incredible overloaded, overpowered light shows, which give me headaches.
6 years ago
Well - why do I rate the Pro higher than the LE... because of ELIs Lightning Kit - Awesome, much better than the LE Light Upgrade... Love it!