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By frdelrosario

August 08, 2021

39 days ago

Sing Along is a quirky game in that one can secure all 16 targets on the playfield (this requires draining on four different outlanes), which sets up a possible kickhole relay of 200 points, and end the game with nothing. Or one might  make the minimum of two targets (the same skill shot plus the same outlane four times), but defy gravity long enough to score a zillion points 

My Summer of Sing Along continued tonight with something I've never done before: After four balls, I lit 1 3 4 for each color, but lacked all the 3's. With the fifth ball, I took a breath, knowing how much potential there was, then drained without getting a flip. The middle outlane on Sing Along is two lanes wide, so reading a bounce off the center post is critical, while the slingshots are designed to move you toward the outlanes on the sides. Gottlieb's lead designer Ed Krynski was an evil genius.

I broke 4400 once in two hours, awarding all four replays, and that was so hard that I wondered how I could've possibly scored 5462 once this grand summer. Sing Along is so demanding and challenging that the 54 years of pinball development since its debut are completely lost on me. I don't want to play anything else.

If I ever see the Rick and Morty game, though; that one I'll have to try because the callouts are probably a laugh riot.

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