Down the Rabbit Hole

By Frankenator

May 09, 2013

9 years ago

The pinball disease has infected me recently. It came about unexpectedly as I was browsing craigslist looking for various man toys. Sure I grew up playing casually at my local arcade, but as much as I had enjoyed pinball I wouldn't have considered myself an enthusiast. I do have some great memrories of playing, though. I hadn't been on a pinball machine for perhaps 15 years at this point. Then it happened. I stumbled upon a local listing for a very nice Simpsons Pinball Party that had only ever been home use with one owner and very few games on it. I basically knew nothing. Was the price any good? I began searching. Price seemed good, but was this machine any good? I searched more. I had to know what makes this machine special... I started down the rabbit hole.

I discovered an entire world I never knew existed... there was a language spoken in table abbreviations, there were old machines, new machines with rulsets that can go deeper than any casual player would ever know, there were mods and upgrades and ROMs and parts and tutorials and tournaments and... without touching a single pin I was HOOKED! I had to know more, and watching Bowen's video tutorials cost me a lot of sleep.

It was beginning to drive me crazy I HAD to get my own pin. I also foolishly thought "I only needed one." Sadly, I ended up having a business deal fall through that prevented me from being able to buy my first machine. So for weeks I immersed myself in the abundant online content that is available, and I finally joined the impressive community here on Pinside. I researched and planned my first purchase which as many of you know can change on a daily basis depending on a number of factors. I ended up getting a really cheap, broken and badly neglected Hollywood Heat to serve as an affordable training ground for repair and restoration. I know this is only the beginning.

I'm looking forward not just to play for myself but to share the passion of pinball with my daughers, friends and family. Also, thanks to the Pinball Arcade on my PS3 for a small amount of money I've been able to learn some rule sets on some great tables and experience what TRUE PLAYING is like (not just hammer away trying to keep the ball from draining, but acutally working through the goals with a specific strategy and beating wizard modes).

I look forward to feeding my new addiction, and I'm glad to be a part of this community.... can't wait to bring another one home (and then another and then another and then another...)

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8 years ago

Welcome, and happy hunting, because that Hollywood Heat will have company sooner or later. :-)

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