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forensicd's ratings

Pinsider forensicd has rated 6 machines.

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Rating comments

forensicd has written 6 rating comments:

4 years ago
Great layout, not sure how they crammed so many great shots into a non widebody! One of the few machines I doubt will ever leave my collection.
4 years ago
What a fantastic game! The shots are all fun to shoot and the only thing i would change would lower the outlanes a bit so the ball doesnt automatically drain if you hit the metal. The artwork just shows you that photoshop is not always needed in this day in age to make a game.
4 years ago
Game is a blast to play, with so many different options to shoot for. When you hit your shots its very rewarding.
4 years ago
Man what a fun game! Amazing layout that keeps you coming back for more. Not many get to enjoy this because so few were made but if you get the chance you must give it a try.
5 years ago
Tremendous game with tons to do. I love the theme, so was instantly drawn to it. Lots of shots that never seem to get old. I wish I could override the comic book guy sound while playing other modes. This is the game I always wanted when I first started collecting, and finally added it to the collection! Tons of mods to add.
5 years ago
An amazing game that just seems to get better every time you play it. The amazing way in which the music is involved with each shot is something all music pins need to incorporate, because it really adds to the over all experience of the machine. The pro version does have a few less toys than the LE or premiums, but the game itself is almost identical.

This is just one of those games you just want to keep playing one last game. It will kick your butt, but then you will have an amazing ball that makes you fall in love all over again with it.

The playfield art is pretty bad compared to the amazing art of games gone by. It does look like a photoshop job gone awry, but when you are playing it doesn't really matter too much. The cabinet art is very nice however. The translite is cheesy, but there are great alternatives out there to replace it.

This is one of Sterns best games, hands down.