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2 years ago
The artwork is great, the animations are great. The layout is interesting, but most of the shots are very tight, and unsuccessful shots happen more often than not.

The call-outs mainly focus on comedy and entertainment. There are very few suggestions to the player on what to shoot for next.

It probably takes about a dozen or so plays before you begin to understand a few of the rules.
2 years ago
If you enjoyed the original, this version of AFM is really impressive with the upgraded lighting and lighting effects, the super-sized color display, and the interactive topper. CGC took one of the best games ever made and took it up a notch.
3 years ago
Almost as good as the premium/LE version. The main detractor is the missing hammer and blank coffin area on the playfield. It's glaringly obvious that something is missing, especially considering that it is front and center. It's the main reason for the reduced rating compared to the premium/LE.

Otherwise, the other missing features don't affect gameplay too much, other than the missing spinners.
3 years ago
The helicopter is the main feature of the game, and when it's working, it's a really cool mechanism to see.

However, there are several things that can go wrong with this mechanism, so it can be tough to get working right. But, I wrote up a repair guide on pinwiki, which should help:

Otherwise, the rest of the game is fairly lackluster. The rules/modes aren't terribly complicated, and have fairly easy shots to complete.

For new players, it can be a lot of fun, and at shows when it's all LEDed up, it can be quite an attractive game.
3 years ago
A fun game that has an interesting multiball game mechanic. However, it does feel a bit like it's a stripped-down barebones game when considering the layout.
4 years ago
Overall, a fun game. However, it has a few areas where balls got hung-up and stuck repeatedly. When a ball got stuck, you could either risk a tilt, or the game would eventually consider the ball drained and end it (rather than kicking out another ball).

It might not be a game that would be in a collection long-term, but it's a pretty good location game.
4 years ago
I like BOP, but it is largely a one-shot game with the shuttle ramp being just about the only shot that advances you through the game.

The BOP 2.0 kit enhances the ruleset, introduces a display with graphics, and adds new sounds & callouts. The kit turns it into a whole new game.

There are times I still like to go back to play the original game, and there is a setting that does allow this, which was a good feature to include.
4 years ago
A very colorful and loud game. Some interesting shots, but this game can get repetitive and the sounds/music/call-outs can get annoying after a while.
4 years ago
Very clear and reasonably simple rules, but fairly challenging to complete. It takes a fair amount of precision with the flippers to play successfully.
4 years ago
Challenging rules, and somewhat prone to draining, but a fun game overall.
4 years ago
I wanted to like this game a lot, and while it does look really nice, it doesn't play very well. The shots aren't terribly satisfying and are often rejected or bricked. The rules are haphazard, and things tend to get triggered seemingly at random without really trying, and aren't always very clear on what needs to be done to be completed. Some of the call-outs are quite repetitive.

Great as an art piece, and great choice for a theme, but I don't really have a whole lot of fun with this one.
4 years ago
A challenging game with great artwork and an interesting game mechanic in the backbox.
5 years ago
This was one of the first solid state and digital display games ever made. It was preceded by another Allied Leisure game "Rock On", which was the 4-player version of this game. Additionally, Mirco Games' "Spirit of 76" was produced around the same time as "Rock On", but since there are no records as to its official release date, there is some debate whether or not "Spirit of 76" was the first or second solid state game ever released.

Strictly from a technology perspective, this game is fascinating. There were a lot of design choices in this game that were influenced by EM games, and appeared to influence solid state games that followed it. However, because there were also no common standards at the time, there are a few oddities in this game system that make it different than other solid state game systems--even the later gen2 system produced by allied leisure. It really is quite an interesting piece of pinball history.

As for gameplay, while the layout is closer to an EM game, it certainly plays like a SS game. It has some challenging shots, mainly due to the drop targets that raise up after getting knocked down depending on which roll-over switch is hit. The fan layout of independently controlled drop targets wasn't seen again until "Cactus Canyon". The flow is very good, and it has very quick action--it is not floaty at all, unlike some 1970s EM games. Outlane gates can be activated to help prevent draining in the outlanes, but those same gates can be deactivated by any one of 4 roll over button switches on the playfield. The outlanes have a liberal/conservative adjustment which involves simply moving the position of the outlane ball wire guides.

This game is fairly easy to master due to the limited ruleset. A skilled player can achieve fairly long ball times.

The game can be played on 3 or 5 ball, or replay or add-a-ball mode.
5 years ago
The layout is unusual, and the fact that there is a pop bumper very close to the flippers makes nearly every flip or bounce a challenge and adds a far amount of randomness. Given that, the game is not prone to draining for players.
5 years ago
The music is catchy, as are the sound effects. The layout is interesting and the rules are challenging.
5 years ago
If drop targets are your thing, this game is for you. It takes a fair amount of precision to get all the drop targets and can be challenging to complete. This is only one of several games Gottlieb made with this layout.
5 years ago
This has the same layout as several EM games, but different artwork and electronic sounds (instead of chimes). The sounds can get annoying, but it is as challenging to play as the games that preceded it.
5 years ago
Fun and challenging, but the call-outs can get annoying after a while.
5 years ago
This is one of my favorite themes and games. The game looks great in terms of artwork and layout. The sounds and music are great, the dots are great (especially with a color DMD), and there's a plentiful pile of modes to tackle.

There are a couple of problem areas, though that can affect gameplay:

1) The drop targets can occasionally cause airballs. I've had a few instances and seen other players experience an air ball off the drop targets that then sailed over the flippers and directly in to the trough. There are plastic shields that can be placed over the top of the drop targets, but I'm not sure how effective they are

2) The saucer hole for starting modes tends to reject balls frequently if a fix is not applied.

Otherwise, this game is a lot of fun and always one of the most popular games when it appears at shows.
5 years ago
Fun, but repetitive after a while. The game sticks with its system 11 roots and doesn't really have modes.
5 years ago
The layout is ok, but very prone to draining. Several modes, but can be challenging to complete because of how frequently the game drains. A good game to play with a group of friends since ball times can be shorter than most games.
5 years ago
A fairly simple game, but has a an interesting layout with good flow and a number of obstacles.

It's a hit with beginners because the concepts are easy to grasp and the rules aren't complicated.

The general idea is to keep hitting the spinners to light to gain yards. Once the column of yard lights is complete, then a goal light is lit. To advance yards more quickly, the stand up targets need to be hit, then the ball needs to go into the saucer, and then the spinner.

It can be a little difficult to get the special. All the rollover and inlanes/outlanes need to be lit to spell "football". Then the special is lit on a rollover lane. You can accumulate up to four specials at once--once of each rollover lane. The specials jump betweeen rolloever lanes whenever a pop bumper is hit. It's difficult to get the ball up to the rollover lanes without hitting a pop bumper, so it can be tricky to get one of the specials unless multiple lanes have a special lit.

The pop bumpers and kickers on the side can make the game a little exciting since they can shoot the ball in all sorts of directions.

The kickers on the side are "defenders" and can hinder your progress in the game when they are hit.

The outlanes have about a 50/50 chance of draining or rolling into the saucer holes. The ball can easily be sent into the saucer holes with a nudge.

The background sounds are basically a stadium crowd. They cheer when a goal is made. At the beginning and end of the game, musical diddies are played.
6 years ago
Achieving multiball is the main driving force behind the game, which can be challenging to reach. The artwork on this one is one of the best of the classic stern games, especially if you like space/sci-fi themes.
6 years ago
Interesting game if you like star wars, but the shots are limited and repetitive. It's definitely the lesser of the two pin2k games, unfortunately.
6 years ago
An interesting an unique layout, which doesn't feel "empty" unlike some other widebody games. There are some unique game mechanics and an interesting flipper/outlane layout. However, this game has multiple drain monster areas, which can make this game maddeningly frustrating at times.
6 years ago
Widebody game that is completely stuffed with interesting things to shoot for. The downside is that this leads to excessively long ball times.

The backglass is amazing and one of the best ever designed.
6 years ago
Even though it's a "darker" theme, it's still a lot of fun, with a packed playfield, several things that interact with the ball, and an overall challenging game.
6 years ago
This game is ramp mania. There are a lot of layers and more ramps than you know what to do with. This game is packed with things to shoot for. It's themed really well, and a fun game.

Depending on how good you are, it can also be a very long playing game.

One downside is the goofy looking backglass that contrasts with the game a bit, but there is a story about how that came to be.
6 years ago
A challenging game with a good layout and good artwork, but fairly simple ruleset. This game brought back pinball from the brink during a dark time in pinball history.
6 years ago
Lots of modes, good sounds, music & call-outs, good humor, and challenging to complete. A fun game overall.
6 years ago
A fun game with good artwork, a good ruleset, and the ever-popular donkey pinball mode.

A low production game made even rarer by the fact that chuck-e-cheese bought a lot of these then destroyed them when they were finished with them.
6 years ago
The layout appears fairly simple, but it can be a challenging game to beat.
6 years ago
This is one of the few modern games that makes the top of my list.

The modes are plentiful and deep. The artwork is good, as are the light shows, sounds, music, and shots.

There are a lot of mechanisms that interact with the ball, which all do different things--sparky, the drop targets, the tombstone, the hammer, and the snake.
6 years ago
A deep, long-playing game that few will fully master. But if you like LOTR, this can be a lot of fun. Despite the seemingly simple fan layout for the shots, it can sometimes be a challenge to shoot the ball into the right place when the pressure is on and the clock is ticking.
6 years ago
Simply one of the best system 80 games ever made. The theme, artwork, gameplay are good, and the rules are challenging, especially when attempting to achieve multiball.

The downside is that this game is very complex under the hood, and can be difficult to repair and keep running. While it is great to see this game at shows, it often doesn't last very long and usually develops problems.
6 years ago
A bit of a silly, goofy game that borrows elements from prior WPC games. Good, progressive ruleset with some funny call-outs and modes.
6 years ago
For a long time, I didn't like this game since I didn't understand the rules at all. I never really had much game time on it since it was a game that was hard to find.

But after I got a lot of time on the digital version of the table and learned the rules, I enjoyed the real one a whole lot more.

It has a really unique layout and good (and often funny) call-outs.
6 years ago
A fun, colorful game with a challenging adversary to battle. Several modes and multiball modes.

The video mode kind of gets repetitive, and the backbox cannon game is kind of pointless.

There is a little bit of stop-and-go that tends to slow down the action, and I wish some of the longer animations could be skipped.
6 years ago
Challenging, fast-paced game with an excellent soundtrack.
6 years ago
A classic game at the very start of the WPC era. Good shots, a funny, interactive character, and a number of modes. Some interesting game mechanics. Always a fun game to play when it's seen out in the wild.
6 years ago
This basically introduced the DMD era of games. Good rules, good shots, a cannon that launches balls, and a fun multiball mode.

The main downsides are the low-fidelity sounds and the limited animations on the DMD.

Even though there are no actual modes to complete, I still enjoy coming back to this game.

The game is also very moddable, if you like mods.
7 years ago
A fun western theme with lots of modes, good music & call-outs, and is just an overall fun game. There are a few mechanisms that move, and any time there is a mech that moves as a result of game rules or interaction with the ball is a big plus in my book.

Even though it was one of the last games to come out of Williams and not quite fully polished, it was still one of the best of the WPC era.
7 years ago
Fun game, great artwork, good rules, dots, call-outs, and music. An all-round good game.

However, it can get a little repetitive since there's not much variation in the shots, call-outs, or modes.
7 years ago
A good game for beginners since the shots can be repetitive, but completing all the modes can be challenging. The call-outs are full of humor. A fun game overall, but because of its repetitive nature, it probably won't stay in a small collection for a long period of time.
7 years ago
This would be one of my favorite games if it wasn't such a drain monster. Lots of outlane and SDTM drains that you have almost no chance of saving with a nudge.

Otherwise, the game is very good...lots of good shots, good sounds, music, animations, modes, light shows, and artwork.

The modes are challenging, but not impossible. The cannons are an interesting game feature.

As far as repair....this is one of the most complicated (and heaviest) games ever made.
7 years ago
A fun game with a lot on the playfield to explore, but for the most part, just shooting the ramps and a couple other things will advance a player through the game.

The powerball triggers a unique mode, which can be challenging.
7 years ago
This game is all about the artwork. Interesting backglass with a mirrored effect and cycling lights, interesting cabinet artwork, and intricate giger-esque playfield artwork.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is lacking.

There is a lot of wide open space and limited targets. The rules are shallow and unclear, and the main object is to achieve points, rather than complete objectives.

Sound is typical of the games from this era, although the thumping bass background sound is unique and easily identifiable.
7 years ago
Interesting theme, but the game is a one-trick pony for the most part.
7 years ago
The best selling game of its time, and still highly desirable and fun to play. For those who like mods, it's also a very moddable game.
7 years ago
This is one of the best pinball machines ever produced, IMHO.

The objectives are easy to understand, especially with the large saucer target to shoot for, as well as challenging enough to get you coming back for more.

The shots are good, and none of them feel awkward or too difficult.

The flow is good.

The humor integrated into the theme makes this theme stand out from many other games and makes it quite entertaining in its own right.

The sounds, music, artwork, and light shows are all good.
7 years ago
Despite some collectors looking down on this game for not being a "real" pinball machine, it is still a fun game with a lot to offer. There are several interesting modes to complete, the integration between physical play and video is very good. The graphics a good, the call-outs are funny, and if you can find this game at a show or for a good price, it's certainly worth playing.

That said, the game does have a few weak spots, such as the computer hardware and the monitor. If they have not been serviced before, it is very likely they will need to be serviced at this point.

However, if you have a good or repairable monitor, I would advise keeping that as long as possible over going to an LCD. To me, the CRT looks a lot better and is a bit brighter than the LCD. But if you have no other options, an LCD will still get the job done.