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1 year ago
I have owned this pinball long enough now that I feel I can add my impression. Rick & Morty is an incredibly unique game. It's like nothing else I've owned or played. Scott Danesi's layout out of the box is fast and exciting, but comes at a cost of being incredibly temperamental. Out of the box it needs a lot of tweaking to remove the clunkiness. Many are lucky and either have a perfectly tuned pinball machine, don't care, or they simply don't know the difference. I've pulled mine apart a few times now and gradually improving it each time. Clunkiness is reducing and flow is improving. The result... a fast paced masterpiece. Which is brilliant... but at the same time a travesty, that many R&M owners and users out there will only experience an untuned variant. It deserves more appreciation.

Theme integration is perfection. Along with music, callouts and art, you are completely pulled into the universe of R&M. Rules are well thought out and cleverly designed to relate to some of the better R&M episodes. Shots (when tuned) are difficult, but achievable, giving great satisfaction. Rules while relatively straight forward, aren't your standard Stern type rules, so they aren't picked up as readily.

This game is brutal, but so much fun. My young boy (7 years old) plays this non stop. It kicks our asses, but we come back time and again and again and again.
1 year ago
For me, Deadpool is almost the perfect game. Amazing sounds, callout, dots and awesome art. I typically prefer 3 flipper pins, but with the katana shot, it doesn't have that same-same fan feel. Layout is fresh and the extra loop on the premium adds a lot. It's one of the few pins that my whole family enjoy playing. Usually that's a sign that I won't like it as much, but with Deadpool, it seems to offer something for everyone... But above all else... it's just plain fun! Even when it kicks my ass, I leave with a smile. Love it!
1 year ago
I think I've owned this long enough now to write a balanced review.

Stern Stars is a classic, simplistic yet incredibly challenging pin. Always feeling like you're a shot or two from maxing your spinners, only to cop a brutal outlane drain. But you go back for more and more. Huge replay ability on this one which is 100% necessary, as house balls are rife.

Love the chimes, the artwork is gorgeous and ripping the spinners never get old.
2 years ago
Such a great game; wonderful shots, very curvy/cool ramps, simple but well structured modes and great callouts/music. Kicking goals never gets old and really draws in newbies.

The spinning soccer ball I don't find has much impact on gameplay (although takes up quite a lot of real estate) and I'm still yet to really get the hang of the magnet during gameplay. Otherwise I don't have any negatives. The theme is a turn off for some, but it doesn't faze me, that said, the dog is kinda goofy.

I can see me holding onto this for a while to come. Offers both inexperienced and seasoned players a challenging but enjoyable/fun game. Exactly what pinball should be.
2 years ago
I'm a big fan of Lawlor pins, owning Funhouse and Whirlwind, so the layout of RBION appeals. Plenty of similarities with FH, WW and Adams. It shoots really well and the modes are enjoyable, but I'd never own it. The artwork freaks me out too much haha.
2 years ago
Almost perfection! Pretty rare for a pin to cover almost every base, appealing to novices and pros alike. Great rules, shots are smooth, theme and theme integration is as good as it gets. Only downside is the shots can get a little repetitive, but what do you expect from a fan layout?! CGC did a great job with the remakes, lighting and sound is first rate.

Top 5 pin for a reason.
2 years ago
I can barely fault this game. Even at 0.95 code, the immersion into the world of Jurassic Park is simply phenomenal.

Huge amount of shots, some more difficult than others, but that corresponds perfectly with their level of importance. Layout is incredibly well thought out giving a plethora of combo options, bringing beautifully fast and flowing gameplay.

I love that the Pinballs narrative is not directly aligned with the movie, it allows much more freedom, but can understand people wanting more movie clips. I'm not a huge JP fan so it doesn't really bother me. More movie based callouts would be great, but again the immersion is fantastic and I don't feel it lacks because of this.

Art and lighting are great, and lastability... 7 out of 6 anyone? Amazing game!

Whats with all the downvotes of legitimate reviews, god people suck!

Edit: With the edition of Nublar and Ultimate code, this game just gets better and better. Sadly though, my skills seem to be getting worse worse :-D
3 years ago
Quicksilver has so much going for it. Amazing sounds that are just as good today as they would have when first released, lightning fast game play, great shots including the middle drop targets, spinners and the ability to sweep both drop targets into the spinner. Some of the best feeling shots in pinball ever. Rules are simple (typical for the era), but have you coming back for more and more, great replayability on this one.

Cabinet is simple but sleek and back glass is stunning with super rich colours. Playfield is equal parts unusual and unique.

Definitely a pin that will last a long time in my collection
3 years ago
Super immersive pin, sound, lighting and visuals are amazing. On the downside, the rules are difficult to understand and it feels quite floaty. Another pin I'd love to have at home for 3-6 months to give it a good crack, but as a casual player it's simply not fun enough.
3 years ago
I don't mind flipping SW, some great faced paced shots, but the rules/multipliers do my head in. Seems counterintuitive to the fast play and after dozens of games I still have no idea what I'm doing. Possibly a decent game in a home environment, but not for me on location.
3 years ago
Game is a bunch of fun, and is brilliant at luring new players in. A few gripes, Stewy pinball, i love the idea of, but it doesn't do it for me, just feels odd. Playfield artwork sucks, a couple of pics in the middle and the rest is orange??!! and gameplay can be a grind. Positives, great call outs, always brings a smile. Wouldn't own, but happy to through a dollar in one.
3 years ago
Awesome players pin. Super flow, some difficult shots and great user interaction with the diverters. Battlefield is one of the best mini playfields in pinball. Modes aren't super difficult, but getting through them to get the Final Battle is difficult. I find it a very good looking pin package and rated highly by those in the know.

In my opinion, Brian Eddy's best pin.
3 years ago
Have spent quite a lot of time on this pin, reasonably fun game with some good shots. Art however is a deal breaker for me. Just not something I'd consider owning.
3 years ago
Great machine and one the definitely draws the eye and attention of new players. Was probably the machine that first got me interested in pinball, but one that when my skills improved I tired of. Great pin but not one for the smaller collection.
3 years ago
Love the game, but still struggle to understand the ruleset. I've played it a number of times now and still find myself shooting simply for flashy lights. Would love to this at home, seems to have plenty of last ability.
3 years ago
I find myself wishing more of this machine. Played it plenty of times on location, but the ruleset and scoring is seemingly too arbitrary. Shots are great, theme is great, but getting into the machine is difficult. Would possibly like to own one on so I'm able to discover all the nuances.
3 years ago
The fastest pin I’ve ever played. Shots are great, depth is good, having never made Powerdown. Really enjoyable pin.

I don’t care for the theme but not fussed either way.
3 years ago
Just missed the mark. Too tight for me to enjoy
3 years ago
Great game, fast and frantic


After 9 odd months of ownership, I’m playing Whirlwind more than ever. Equal parts thrilling and frustrating. Great selection of shots with the most difficult shot being the jackpot shot.

Multiball progressively gets more difficult as you work through the game, but the jackpot shot is incredibly difficult, especially when 3 balls a zipping around. Multiball can be over before you know it. And with no kickback or ball save, Whirlwind is brutal.

Great artwork and theme. Excellent layout with a good varying difficulty of shots and replay ability higher than most.

I love it so much, I’m about to strip and give it a complete restoration. In my modest pin collection, my other pins rarely get a look in from me and my friends.

Whirlwind is definitely a keeper.
8 years ago
A game that keeps on giving. Fun, fast and great longevity. My wife loves it as the ramps are fun, lots of good shots etc and I love it for the flow, deep rule set and the high difficulty, especially trying to get to bloody Willy's!!

Theme is a little left of centre, I'm not exactly a hardcore rafter, I wouldn't think many pinballers are :-), but it's also a theme which doesn't offend and is integrated extremely well in this circumstance.

Fantastic bang for buck, and a machine I can't see myself getting rid of for many many years.
10 years ago
Possibly the perfect pin, well in my eyes anyway. Just can't fault it. Great theme, fantastic gameplay and longevity to match the best. Will never leave my collection.