flipperdoktor aka pinballmedic (Gábor-Varga)

By flipperdoktor

October 19, 2019

32 days ago

I've planned my career since the late '70s, in Pinball.
Compulsory school, apprenticeship as a car painter, military service and I was free.
1986 in Wr. Prater, a large amusement park in the middle of Vienna.
There I worked in Arcades surrounded by my darlings, pinballs and arcade games, pool billiards and girls :-)
In the mid-90s I became a vending machine technician for an operator.
Since 2016, I work in the world's largest jukebox & pinball museum called Terra Technica with currently 850 jukeboxes and over 250 pinballs, not surprisingly that I'm responsible for the pinball, but also museum management, tours, home automation, etc ...
Oh yes, since 2012 I am the founder and president of the world's first officially recognized Pinball SPORT Association, "Union Flippersportverein Austria". Recognized by the sports association of Austria.
Yes, Pinball is definitely SPORT.
IFPA Player #: 2535, unfortunately since the museum opening too little time to participate in major tournaments :-(

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30 days ago
Nice story thanks for sharing
28 days ago
Great stuff. Keep living the dream!
28 days ago
Lucky guy. If you love what you do you never work a day in your life.
20 days ago
Congrats on your journey. Great story too. Every consider how you might be able to play 850 jukes at the same time? All those sounds blending into a symphony of destruction. Might get kinda LOUD!! You can always go into the room with 250 pinball machines in attract mode for some peace and quiet, bwwwahahah.
15 days ago
Great story.
1 day ago
Great story!

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