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9 years ago
P2000 the Future?
I Love this Game, it´s my Friend .
Nice Gameplay, many Jokes, fun and fast.
9 years ago
My "Family" pinball machine.
Kids love this Game, me too.
Always fut to Play, a good Trainer for Ramp and Loop Shots...
9 years ago
Is it underratet or overrated, i dont know...
This Machine ist...OK...
9 years ago
Earthshaker, a wonderfull Game
Nice to see, nice to hear, fun to Play.
A Pearl in my Gameroom...
9 years ago
My alltime favourite Pinball Machine
A milestone in Pinball History, i think
My heart beat like the High Speed Drums :-)
9 years ago
Its one of my favourite sys 11 Machines
I love the jokes on Backlass and Playfield, and the Background History of this Game.
THX Steve Richie for Voices and "Broken Bones"...

Not too easy to Play, but always Fun.