Art + Pinball = My Passion

Art + Pinball = My Passion

By flipordie

August 01, 2017

16 days ago

Hi my name is Jackson Gee I have 2 passions in life Drawing and Pinball. Im a Freelance Artist from Canada. You can view my work at I got into the pinball hobby about 10 years ago, back then there wasnt much of community. I sold my collection way back, since then ive gotten the bug again and slowing getting back into the hobby. 

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2 days ago
I have a idea for you too make money in this hobby since it looks like your a very talented artist. you should draw Alternate Translites for game that don't have good art on them. Just an idea, be cool to see what you come up with. I have an idea for your first one you could make is for Gottlieb Genesis.

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