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2 years ago
Game is ok at best, every shot seems to feed down the middle and build quality is poor, also you would think for almost $10k they could have included a manual

But it says Rick & Morty and that's all that matters at the end of the day
10 years ago
Stern really hit one out of the park with this machine, a lot of fun, great value for money on the PRO
10 years ago
I have played at least 10 different STTNGs and all the ball does is either go SDTM or right out the outlanes, barely ever even get to hit the ball with the flippers on this game
10 years ago
I have played this game many times, in many places, while visually very appealing it's just not fun to play, it's slow, it's impossible to figure out whats happening when every single insert is either blinking or changing colors, the LCD is completely unhelpful in telling you what to do, they really missed the ball (har har) on playability... it sure is pretty though!
10 years ago
Played this many times, as much as I wanted to like this machine, I just don't... it's got terrible flow and the shots just don't "feel good" whatever that means I can't explain... very disappointing!
11 years ago
Great game, very fast, all ramps and good shots... jump ramp is a lot of fun when you get in the timing just right and hit it over and over... interesting use of magnets for the main ramp
12 years ago
Played this at a pin festival and thought it was a pretty cool machine, the ship feature is pretty neat... seems like a very "dark" machine... literally, dark, not like a lot of lighting.. so I could see how some people might think thats bad, and I kind of agree since I usually play in the dark... not for me, but a fun pin
12 years ago
I found it amusing that this machine had a lot of the same sounds my DE:SW has, but the T-Rex totally makes this machine go from boring to fun... first time I hit it I was not expecting it to come and "eat" the ball, that was great... I *like* DE machines and this one is pretty OK in my book
12 years ago
Played this machine at a pinball festival and the first time all I did was go STDM, after that I started to get a feel for it and had some fun, has some neat features/toys... probably not a top 5 Stern machine but a decent machine
12 years ago
Played it a couple times at a pinball festival... just wasn't that much fun... kept getting balls STDM when I tried to actually hit shots, and a lot of what I needed to do was not obvious
12 years ago
Kept playing this game every time I ran across one, finally understand what to do and enjoy it quite a bit, don't think it would last long as part of a collection but fun to play when you run across one
12 years ago
Not a basketball fan but I really enjoyed playing this pin, really different, and I like that... I got a high score on the machine I was playing with a score of 89! 89!!

After figuring out what was happening I quickly got the hang of it and had fun playing it... would definitely love to find two linked up some day
12 years ago
I agree with the reviewer that said the rating system does not really work for this machine... is it super fun? meh, probably not... its slow and clunky, but thats not the point... the point is its fricken HUGE...

seriously, a Cue ball? awesome... definitely an oddity and a fun thing to say "I've played it" so its awesome in that respect, but for playing it as an actual pinball machine, not so good
12 years ago
Played this machine at a pinball festival... not really into wrestling... at all... but the machine was ok, gave it two plays and had some fun... don't think I would buy one personally... but its not a bad pin
12 years ago
Not a fan of Vegas or gambling but I played this machine at a pin festival and had quite a bit of fun on it, I had never even heard of it but it seems like a good fun/$$$ pin
12 years ago
Mist multiball is awesome, no question or argument from me on that one...

the voices/audio clips in the game sound really digital, I know its from 93 but I have pins from that era that have much better audio (DE:SW for example)

The synthesized music gets pretty repetitive, pretty sure theres only like 3 songs in the whole game?

Not a lot of shots to make, and nobody can help you if you miss a shot, they will generally go STDM!

I own it and still can't generally figure out whats happening most of the time, the machine is just as confusing/mystifying as the movie it seems... so the Theming could not be better!
12 years ago
I played this machine a few times at a pinball show, and I just could not really figure out what was going on... the rules are not obvious and I could rarely get the ball near the upper flipper to actually use it... artwork is great, although maybe a little busy (theres a LOT going on in the PF)
12 years ago
This is a really fun pin... the playfield is a little daunting at first but it has a lot to do with the 7 continent missions (and the 8th ??? continent!) its a little hard to see whats happening sometimes (I'm short) since there is so much stuff stacked up and some of the shots are a pain, but overall its a great pin thats a lot of fun, and thats all that matters right!? This is by far one of the best, if not the best, Stern machine I have played
12 years ago
Played this at a pinball event, unfortunately I could barely hear the music but I know The Who! I was sold when I got "blind" mode, a plastic skirt swings out over the flippers so you can't see whats going on... pain in the arse but really clever and cool!
12 years ago
What a great pin, I played this at a pinball show and had a great time, played one round and stood there for over 30 minutes!
12 years ago
I have mixed feelings, I love this machine but I can see how if you are a good pinball player it could get pretty boring... if you keep hitting the center ramp over and over and over you can get stupid amounts of points without really doing much... playfield could have used more toys, the R2D2/Deathstar is great though

edit note: new roms really helped fix a lot of the balancing issues in this game, made it much better!
12 years ago
Definitely not for the hardcore pinball wizard, but I guarantee you if you have one of these at your house, most non pinball aficionados will go for this one first... especially if they like south park (duh)
12 years ago
Totally under-rated pin... this machine is a lot of fun and has some great features... may not be great for the hard-core pinball wizard but I enjoy it a lot, and everyone that has played it (including many pinball aficionados that had never played it before) really enjoyed it after giving it a chance... IMHO this is one of the best, or the best, machine SEGA released

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