Addicted to pinball since I was 6 years old

By flashinstinct

March 19, 2012

11 years ago

I still remember going to my cousin's house when I was about 6. The lucky guy just got a pinball. I remember being drawn to the ball, the lights and the sounds. I remembered thinking to myself that one day I was going to own one.

I guess that idea really stuck around because 20 some odd years later I found the Surf Champ that my cousin had and decided it was time I'd buy my own.

I started like most people and got literally robbed on my first purchase. I apparently had great taste in buying my first pinball has it was a White Water. The game had it's usual bad points, wear at the lost mine entrance and a few cracked mountains but overall I was really happy with the game. It was a hit with everyone that visited the house.

Now my curiousity didn't stop there. I really wanted to know how these things worked and I am as of this writing learning more stuff everyday.

So what did I do with the White Water? I dismantled the entire playfield, cleaned every nook and crany and reassembled the entire thing. I did employ someone to take care of the clearcoating and purchased some new parts.

Then came the birth of my daughter. She ended up in the OR at only 7 days old with severe milk protein allergies. In other words...anything that contained the word milk (breast, soya, almond etc....) were off the menu. We spent the next 2.5 months at the hospital with a few surgeries, daily blood cultures etc... To make things short...the only thing my daughter could ingest was "neocate". A specialized baby formula that cost $1200 a month.

I had to say goodbye to the whitewater to pay for my daughter's only form of nutrition.

A year went by, daughter was doing incredible, and I had the itch to buy another game. So what did I do..... I bought 2 :)

Golden Eye and Transformers where now on the menu. I never really got tied to GE so sold it and I was left with Transformers....but now that I had tasted the awesomeness of having two pinballs, Transformers was great but it needed a friend and I didn't really have the funds.

So I sold TF and bought two projects....a Fish Tales and a No Good Gofers. I just needed to fix something :)

First up is NO good Gofers. It's currently in pieces right now. But this time around, I went all out. NGG is down to screws and bolts and a naked cabinet. I purchased everything to do everything on my own and so far after Vid1900 awesome threads and Bryan_kellys tips I'm well on my way to have the nicest NGG I've ever seen.

So now I have 3 pinballs....just purchase WCS... the wife is gonna kill me because the buying itch isn't going anywhere....



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11 years ago

Welcome flash! Good story, funny tho how all of us pinheads just are not satisfied with playing our pins, we have to take them apart as well.....hope you get yours done soon and are back to flippin soon!

11 years ago

Good need a couple as something always needs fixin on one.

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