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7 years ago
Althought my Fish Tales is due for a complete rehaul I'd have to admit that after owning a few pinballs since this one that it surpases every single one but No Good gofers. Williams just knew how to assemble great games back then.
7 years ago
This is a great family oriented pin that guarantees a multiball for the young ones by hitting the smart missile button. The dinosaur eating the ball will be a sure hit at parties. With that said, I find the game to become fairly repetitive has you go along with a slight lack in "modes" or missions. But beside it's pitfalls JP stands besides great pins and stands it's ground.
7 years ago
The best shot in pinball where the launcher comes down and makes the ball fly into the air for a hole in one. This a great family oriented pinball that will make an avid golfer wet there pants. The silly gophers that pop out of the ramps. I just find the left side of the playfield to be a bit overcrowded but in general this game has alot to offer. A great vareity of shots that will make you want to kill those damn gopehrs before the game is over. All in all great fun.
7 years ago
This game can hold up to any recent Stern game in my opinion. But the sound and music is what makes this gmae stand up beside the others. The game music increases in intensity as you are moving up the rapids towards Wet Willy's Cottage. The sasquatch is a funny a querky toy that makes the game funny and entertaining. The whirpool crossfield kickout with the lost mine, the hidden channel. For a game that is over 15 years. I'd get another one in my collection in a flash. All in all this game will never get old.
7 years ago
What else can I say about this game that has already not been said. Great flow, awesome layout, worth every penny if you can get your hand on one.
7 years ago
I find this game to be excessively quick with none stop action. If you are a ramp lover than this game will have plenty to offer. The satellite shot is fun and activates the 5 ball mutliball. The disarm pen shot is very tough and hard to hit which makes the game very challenging. Fun factor his good and would belong in any bond fans basement.
7 years ago
I don't know why people are bashing this game. Just got mine and I absolutely love the fast pace and the different modes. Even if you have to hit the same ramps I think there is enough variation to keep someone occupied for quite some time. I had a whitewater and actually prefer this game. I really love transformers so the theme really is a hit with me.