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7 years ago
I updated my rating after now playing a while the latest SW 1.41.

At early SW I was not sure what I should think about it.
But now, when all Modes are avaiable and you know what to do the pinball rocks.

I modified the switches from Well Walker and prison head to very sensitive so it makes now
fun to hit because the hit count. :)

The SDTM are annoying but can mostly avoided with some fine adjustments.
The left ramp unfortunatly works sometimes not perfekt but its ok.

The atmosphere is good and it makes fun to play. He will stay.
9 years ago
This game is awesome!
It is not the layout, it is not the music and it is not the rules what this make this pinball to one of the best ... It is all togehter...the whole dam package.

The game start directly with the first toch of the ball. No need to collect or prepare something, immediate fun. While you are playing you can choose your own goal.

Play on:
- high Song Jackpot
- get new records
- high Song Bonus
- Collect Super Jackpots
- Reach Encore!
- and much more

The flow of the machine is fantastic. The ball on the ramps are so smooth and all shots (exept right orbit) can also done by a backhand shots.
What I also like is that every shot, ramp, loop, bell has it own sound. So I know without whatching e.g. in MB what I hit an where I can expect the ball. And the sounds are cool.

The lighting with RGB I would say it the best at the moment.... fantastic!

Two things to know: The PF Art can be a litte bit better, BG and Cab are fine.
The Mini PF window are very good but not perfect.
Both things dont bother me and have no influence for the game.

The only thing what are missing is the diverter for the Jukebox hole to make a full right orbit shot. :)

Anyway, be aware you will be addicted to AC/DC pinball.
Definitly my #1!

Rock on....
9 years ago
Theatre of Magic is a phantastic pinball machine. Looks great an have a great flow. The Theming is one of the best. Hidden ball locks and magnets as ball saver, its magic.
The inner circle shot is one of the best shots that you can have on a pinball. If you hit the ball and the lane perfekt the ball goes through the lane in a awesome speed an keep the spinner under fire. Best together with Magic Cards :).
The rulesheet is easy, but with experience you can find out some hidden treasures and combinations.
The weak point are the final. That is no challenge. Hit a 14 times any target. Thats disappointing for this great machine, but you can live with it.
Not a pinball for every day but therefore with a big big fun factor.
9 years ago
Nice maschine, looks great the sound and animations are good. The reason why I sold the game are that the modes to start Stiff-O-Meter are happen during normal play. Shoot bumpers, shoot ramp, hit frogs and so on. Nothing you have to do special. No mode needs to fulfill complete bevore starting the Stiff-O-Meter. Difficults change in the way you have to hit it more than before. On the other hand to beat the SpiderWheel it is very difficult.
The game shows its full potencial if you integrate the Spider Wheel in the BB. E.g. you can enhance the Ball Safer, Start Boogie Man, Collect Bumper hits, etc. But what you get is really weak. No boom feature like a special MB, Multipliers or similar.

The takeaway:
In a huge collection nice looking machine, if you are experienced in pinball there is no challenge.
Gets boring very quick. For this the market price is too high.
9 years ago
I own a Spiderman a long time, and I liked it. Im such kind of pinball fan who do not read the manual and the rules, I wanna play. After a long time I watched the PAPA Youtube tutorial and I recognized that I didnt know one of the main feature.
The white missions give you the chance to set multiplier (2x, 3x) to ramps, lanes and doc oc...
oh man, thats very cool.
Since this happened I like my Spiderman much more...
Now the game has the "one more game" effect.

Nice flow, good looking Marvel theme, not so easy to beat, Wizard Mode, decision making...

Spiderman is a great game :)