It all started a long LONG time ago...


February 15, 2014

6 years ago

Actually it wasnt all that long ago, around summer of 2013. That's when I first became a pinball owner. My in-laws actually had a neighbor with 8 machines in their garage. They were given to them by their dad who was planning to repair them when he died unexpectedly.

The original 8 from their garage were as follows:

Playboy -Bally

F-14 Tomcat- Williams

Comet - Williams

Stars- Stern

Escape from the Lost World- Bally

Last Action Hero- Gottlieb

Flash- Williams

Silverball Mania- Bally

I bought 4, and my friend bought four. He was already a collector. I got away with Silverball, Flash, Comet, and Stars. I repaired Silverball first because it was the best looking and closest to being complete, I sold Silverball for 300$ and an agreement to a pinball repair friend who agreed to fix my other 3 machines.

Fast forward to today. I now have owned 15 different machines and I am an AVID Williams System 11 fan!  Current Lineup, Pinbot, F14, and Taxi.

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62 days ago
Anytime I see the words "I am an AVID Williams System 11 fan!" means you are alright in my book. Great story!

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