New Pinball Bucket List Addition

By fixintoplay

February 27, 2020

39 days ago

I had the opportunity to see RecBar 812 in New Albany, Indiana, while it was under construction, My daughter who lives nearby showed me the work in progress from the outside when I visited back in December on a Sunday afternoon. At that time, the target date for the grand opening was planned for January 1, 2020, but it was obvious they were not going to make that. I knew this when I looked through the windows and took in a few glimpses of so much unfinished work. I figured it wouldn't be ready until at least March, but more like April or May. It was impossible to sense the magnitude of this project from these limited street-side peeks, but it was clear this one was too big and too important to rush. Much to my surprise, they managed to have the grand opening in early February. I still can't believe it.

Because I live 12 hours away from New Albany, I had no idea how spectacular the place actually turned out on opening day until I saw the Pinball News story on Pinside. It looks truly awesome, and I can see how it probably defies description. Now I have to experience it first hand and immerse myself in one of the most incredible pinball and arcade environments in the region. I may never want to leave: great food, great beer, interaction with people having fun, and... yes pinball til ya drop. Because they also have a plethora of great arcade games, that tells me everyone will have a wide array of choices to play which will allow easier access to more pinball machines for me! Bucket list sojourn for sure. Huge thanks to Pinball News for providing great photos and news coverage of such a significant and welcome addition to our pinball community. Well done indeed!

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