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ballyhole bliss

By fiveinarow

November 11, 2020

13 days ago

Just lately i have had some great memories of when i was a young teenager knocking around a pool room with my mate , the pool room had a 8-4 ft table, a space invaders and a few what we used to call money machines that you could play for 10 cents a game and pump them for even more benefits and specials which made them a little easier to gain a win. The boss was always watching us as he didnt like us being rough with the machines but as anyone who played these knows you had to treat them with a bit of bruise to get somewhere, what he didnt know was when we used to put bottle tops under one side of the machine to enable us to get the 1-19-23-24-8 which was down the left side of the machine,

I am in australia and would love to get hold of one of these babies for a man cave in the future it is very much on my wish list as the ones here in oz are way overpriced i will just have to bide my time and wait for the right one to come along, but just thinking of the times we had back then makes me smile.  

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