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3 years ago
Aladdin's Castle - I picked this one up a couple of years ago with a completely broken backglass that was covered in packing tape. I was able to pick up a replacement backglass in pretty much perfect condition and went through the entire machine. I honestly didn't know what to expect having never played the title before. Like any of the late EM era Bally's, it didn't fail to entice me into adding it to the favorites list. I really think Bally hit near perfection with their EM's in about 1976 or perhaps in 1975. Themes aside I really like the game play in this era.

Aladdin's Castle has the triple flipper, which I can understand can lead to some frustration, but I find it a bit of fun. Add the Alley as well as the innovative use of the A,B,C,D rollovers and the excellent placement of the spinner and you have a winner here. I too like others thought this game was missing perhaps drop targets in design, but after playing it now I don't think so. For some reason I am comparing it to Gottlieb's Surf Champ/Surfer a bit in game play, which is also a phenomenal title.

Give it a try and see what you think!
3 years ago
I picked up a Post Time a while back and it was in need of some regular EM rehab. At first I found the rule set a bit confusing, but after playing the game and really enjoying the add-a-ball feature, I found this one a keeper. Even though it is one player, playing against others 1 at a time is just a blast. Its not super easy with the 4 kickers, but I really like how Williams went to the parts bin and installed a flipper in the out hole that "moves" to shoot the ball back into the playfield.

Try it out and see what you think!
5 years ago
I recently had the opportunity to repair a friend's Bow and Arrow and got some games in during the refurb. Being a huge Bally EM fan of course I'm biased, but it is a really solid and fun machine. I think it is a prime example of a great late era EM that I'd be a happy to have in my own collection.

1. Double spinners
2. You can collect the bonus via the kick out and at the end of ball!
3. Colors are good
4. The continuous motion of the lights is like getting the Bally Skyrocket effect throughout the game on a smaller scale - way cool for an EM
5. Trying to shoot the darn gate is really hard - but fun

1. The theme - I really like the Native American backglass and artwork, but I have a hard time connecting that look with pinball.
2. The A, B, C, D thing is kind of different. I guess I would have preferred Bally drops down there on the playfield.

1. Play it
2. I'd add it to my collection
3. I see it come up fairly normally locally - I think I need one!
6 years ago
Sea Ray is an solid Bally effort. The collect bonus on shot vs on drain is a great concept. Why should bonus be so easy to get? I think you should have to collect it so that makes this the most important feature on the game for me. There is generally a bit of randomness to things in this game, but I think that is what makes this so approachable.

If you remember back to being a kid and finding that machine where you have a chance because there is so much variability in the game you can beat that older sibling or adult this is the machine you can do it on. I find it fun and something to come back to over and over because I can have a really good game and then drain continuously on those super large Bally outlines.

Highly recommended for some play time and addition to your collection. Not the best Bally EM of the seventies, but a really solid and fun example.
6 years ago
Got to play one at the 2015 Cleveland Pinball Show and it was awesome. Simple but highly addictive and fun to play with a friend or two.
6 years ago
Wow I wished I had a chance to play this title back in the day. At first glance I thought it had a multilevel play field. Very deceptive but just a fabulous title. Looks like a green Sorcerer from a distance and plays phenomimially. If you get a chance play or pick up.

The backglass is interesting. It fits the times, but I think it could have been a bit less cheesy, more like Sorcerer.
7 years ago
Surf Champ is a top 4 player EM. As others have mentioned it really has it all with the star rollovers, drop targets spinner and "random" lights for bonus.

I don't find anything to dislike about the machine and heavily recommend this to others to play or add to their collection.

Also watch Classic Game Room's humorous review of Surfer, the 2 player version from Papa. It is funny and adds the monster and bomber features we all knew were there in the back glass but just missed.
7 years ago
Monaco is a winner from Segasa. As with all Sonic/Segasa's the cabinet is usually the only thing that you have to be concerned about looking for one. Backglass and play fields are usually close to perfect.

The gameplay is solid. Swinging target is fun, but also risky. The saucer for the collect on the right side is fun and can allow for high scores. I highly recommend this pin for play or ownership.
7 years ago
Champ is a solid effort from Bally. I find the layout similar to Flicker and Boomerang, but not as easy to hit the captive ball shots, and lacking the circular orbits.

This is a great starter pin and one that is fun for some friendly competition. It can be a drain monster out those outlanes and it's easy to have a great game and then an epic failure.

I love the picture in picture backglass similar to Gottlieb's Super Score. Pinball machines about pinball are cool. The integration of the over the top 100,000 light in the base of the trophy is a great touch.
7 years ago
Wow, after seeing this on YouTube, Ron's pinball videos I had to pick one up. What a light show for an EM! The shots are varied and fun. The top gate and right outlane gates are fun and the double saucers are a blast. Add the variability of the Skyrocket and you have a great two player battle on your hands.

I know this is a rare game but for the life of me I cannot understand why it was manufactured in such small numbers.

It only lacks inlanes and a bonus counter otherwise it would be next to perfect. The outlines are killer, and seem to suck the ball in, but that just adds to the fun.

A must play machine for all EM fans and my new favorite EM as of this time.
8 years ago
Hands down the best pinball machine I've ever played.

The Good:
- Steve Ritchie
- Flow is awesome
- Best lighting ever on a factory pin

The Bad:
- Modes are a bit redundant
- Playfield art is solid, not stellar
- Speech is good, but needs some polish

Verdict - buy it!
8 years ago
I am biased to this age Bally machines, but Flicker is one of my favorites. The flow is excellent and the shots varied. Building up the bonus is great fun as is listening for that big countdown on the drain.

Not a great single pin in a collection, but a fun one to add as a second or third. I haven't got a chance to play the 4-player equivalent in Boomerang, but it looks like another good choice with a vastly different theme.
8 years ago
Apollo is a great Williams game. The backbox animation is outstanding and fits the theme well. Targets are varied and well thought out. For its age it really has stood the test of time.
8 years ago
A solid effort from Bally. The pops are fast and the kick outs fun. The drops are typical Bally. They work once in a great while!

I like the game and find the randomness fun especially when playing with kids or beginners as it's anyone's game.
8 years ago
We recently picked up a Dealer's Choice from a fellow Pinsider and I have to say I am impressed by this mid 70's effort from Williams. The artwork is okay but the game play is wicked fast with the DC pops and the 4 flippers. This one is best played against others like many of this era from Williams.

For the price and fun I highly recommend this as an addition to a collection.
8 years ago
To date one of the top EM's I have played. The double spinners and the multiple paths to letters in the top lanes and kick out are simply a great design. The playfield just like all Sonic EM's I've seen is clear coated and shines like new almost 40 years later.

This is a highly recommended pin to buy or play. Its no wonder it seems to be getting a ton of interest in tournaments because of the speed and last ability of the game. Its hard to get tired of this when from game to game you can do so good/bad.
8 years ago
Pat Hand also surprised me. I know it gets grief from some for the open playfield and lack of toys/drops. Surprisingly with the pops down by the flippers it keeps you awake and its dead not an easy game. On 5 ball (the only way to play most EM's) its not the easiest game to roll over.

The lighting is a bit dark with the pops down at the bottom only lit part of the time. The special is tough to get as you have to collect the cards 3x.

Surprisingly fun and can be had at a decent price. Not the only pin for your collection, but a great starter or a complement to others in your collection.
8 years ago
Best as a 2-player machine as many have said. Stealing the jackpots is the most fun and the game play with the dual flippers is both unique and initially frustrating. You get used to it after a couple of games. For a 1967 the build quality is excellent. This shouldn't be the only pin in a collection, but its a keeper to pull out when you want to play a fun and quality 2-player game with a friend.
8 years ago
I recently picked this up without ever having played a game, but I did watch the action on the PAPA web site and it looked appealing.

As others have mentioned, with the DC pop bumpers this game really screams. Its the fastest EM I have played to date and find the need to bank the B and C shots alot of fun. Some times I get long ball times and others its fairly short due to the speed.

I think this is a must pick up if you can get it at the right price as the artwork is solid and the color scheme agreeable.
9 years ago
I agree with most of Caucasian2Step's thoughts on this machine. It is too easy generally and needs to be steep.

That being said these era Bally's are a ton of fun. The art is excellent and very bright and vibrant. Lighting the spinner and consistently nailing it is just a ton of fun. You can usually find this one at a good price and if so don't hesitate.
9 years ago
Played this at a show last year and left really wanting one for my collection. It looks easy, but is surprisingly challenging and keeps you wanting to come back for more.
10 years ago
Ok Caucasian2Step rightly called me out for not putting in text for my comments in addition to my ratings.

WARNING: This was my first EM at age 7, but my rating numbers are fair.

The Good:
This machine has the feeling of invincibility if you open the lane gate, the kick back and raise the up post. The swinging 100 score is fun, as is racking up the points in the kick out hole and collecting them with or without the up post.

The Bad:
The top of the playfield, especially the 2 yellow dead bumpers are quite plain. I would have liked to have seen color on it.

Seems like a rather rare pin but its a ton of fun to play and kids love it. Classic Williams bell sound and an interesting paint job to boot.