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6 years ago
After a 3 year hunt I found a close to mint Time machine. I really enjoy the music, lights and the art work. The rules are not that hard but still very challenging to achieve and it plays fast. This is a keeper in the couples cove.
6 years ago
This pin is another family favorite with its shaker motor,talking heads and the DMD animations. I am glad they came out with the Color DMD for RS as this will make it more appealing. I had to overhaul the talking heads as they had never be touched or maintained. It wasn't as bad as some make it out to be. Overall it will stay in the couples cove for years to come!
6 years ago
This is a big hit for our family and friends as the gofers always have something to say and the hole in one shot draws them in. The call outs are good and it plays fast. Its another keeper in our couples cave!
6 years ago
This pin is another keeper in our couples cave. Not too hard to understand the rules. The fan and the spinning disks fit the theme well. I did restore this pin and it was fairly easy to work on. A good starter pin for the beginner and the price for these machines are resonable.
6 years ago
This was my first pin and bought it with out playing it but I did my research thru pinside . I am very happy with the machine and is bolted to the floor.