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11 months ago
This is such a solid game. I have spent so many of my hard earned quarters on this machine alone at my local arcade.

the shots are very tight but extremely satisfying when you make them, the game modes are awesome and to me feel well thought out. everything about this game is fantastic.... Except... man this is just one of those games that has a couple SDTM rebounds or shots. those are absolutely brutal, but when you are having a great game you are on top of the world.

The artwork is fantastic and the light show is just beautiful. I also really love how the game will turn off all lights too to flash only the red arrows or the jump scare. I will not lie. I completely thought the game was broken or just shut off on me until that happened and I did jump.

This is a beautiful game, Amazing theme, and Great sound effects. It's not just a game, its an experience every time. I hope to own one in the near future.
1 year ago
Honestly this is the version of the game that should be played. when i played the pro version it felt lacking, especially playing the premium version right next to it at the show. the tower is fun, the bridge is great, this version of the game just feels more fleshed out. the shots are basically the same but because of the added features this game just "feels" better. while this is not my favorite game, I can definitely say I had fun with it, and would understand why other people like it.
1 year ago
I love this game. I wish I owned one
the shots are fun to make, the upper playfield is awesome and the game modes just keep the game fresh every play through. its challenging enough that i have only made it to wizard mode once which was just so much fun. its a bright colorful game with a fun theme, great voice acting and a very interactive playfield. every time i find one to play i always just enjoy the heck out of it. cannot wait to buy my own one day.
1 year ago
This game is deceptively fun.
the concept seems simple, to fulfil the diners orders. however those shots are not safe shots to make, so what seems like the easiest objective quickly turns challenging. playing for the additional modes like multiball and dine time is really what you play for, and boy howdy when you play for that it becomes a challenging yet manageable game. the theme and characters are great. the game is a little simple but honestly its easy to keep track of what's going on because of it so i feel like i have time to plan out shots or figure out what i want to do next ( a little breathing room is nice from time to time).

the music can be a little repetitive but i always seem to forget about that while playing a new game. overall its a very fun game and I wish i saw this game out in more arcades as it deserves to be played more.
1 year ago
A solid game. possibly one of the best games out there. while the main objective of the game feels a little reputative (hitting the castle)the characters you are defeating are goofy enough in the audio to make it feel like a new challenge every time. The other game modes such as the trolls also give this game something very fun, and makes it feel like a paced game. the lights and theming is great and I don't think I've ever had a bad time playing this game. voice acting is obviously great too. if i had to name a con about this machine, its the price it commands.
1 year ago
this is definitely one of those games you need to play at least once. the theme is absolutely solid and getting up to the backbox is fun, playing the game is fun and making the shots is easy. there's really not too much too this game but there's something to be said for simple mechanics executed very well. getting to the backbox really feels like the main goal of the game and playing pinball vertically definitely gives some variety to this game. overall I had so much fun playing this game and hope I can find one again to sink my quarters into.
1 year ago
everything about this game is "Tough, but fair"
The shots are not the easiest in the world to make but when you make it, its very rewarding. The game modes are different enough that it doesn't feel boring, so its not repetitive. Adding the power ball too makes this game chaotic but in a good way and since this is a more challenging game. the music of the game is absolutely fantastic and the graphics on the DMD is great (although color dmd or and LCD upgrade is absolutely the way to go, and personally have since gone too on our machine)

In my opinion this is absolutely a players machine. its not very "noob" friendly. having friends over who don't play for high-scores they tend to either avoid this machine or drain very fast. heck it even took me a while to get good at this one. but once you do Its such a well thought out game with challenging game modes.
1 year ago
Its just another Modern Stern, Its okay, but it heavily relies on combos within game modes rather than rewarding shots or fun "gimmicks". I just don't have a lot of fun with it as a game. The artwork is great and the music/video is well done. The premium version of the game really is the way to go if you want to play this because it has enough fun toys, or "wow" factor with the bridge and building collapsing, or Mecha Godzilla bash toy/ramp.
pro is... only okay, just not fun
Premium is fun for sure.

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